Monday, March 02, 2015

Male on Monday – Irish American Month

Pink Heart Society columnist Barb Han is swooning over Irish American Actors for today's Male on Monday column...

March is Irish American Month, so for Male on Monday I thought it would be fun to celebrate those Irish American men who make us swoon and the reasons we love them…

What’s so great about Irish American men? I’m a sucker for a wounded warrior or recovering bad boy, and my list of Irish American men teams with both. What makes a man like that irresistible? It’s more than his good looks, power and charisma, or charm (although I want those, too). For me it’s all about the flaws. There’s nothing sexier than a man who has to face his own demons in order to get what he wants. The darker his demons, the better.

And there are plenty of Irish American men who fit that bill…

First of all, George Clooney is the epitome of power and confidence wrapped up into one seriously hot playboy package.
Plus, there’s just something about his smile that makes my heart pound and my pulse race.

Confidence is sexy.
Which brings me to the next name on my list. Tom Cruise had me at, “Top Gun.”


Think strong jawline, thick neck, prominent brow, and deep-set eyes. Oh, and chiseled abs.

He might be the shortest man on my list at 5’7” but he comes up tall where it really counts, sex appeal.

The only thing hotter than confidence is confidence behind a tortured soul. If ever there was a lost soul, it’s Johnny Depp. Born in 1963, he’s an actor, an occasional musician and always a thinker. And he’s oh-so-tortured…
Need I say more?

Robert Downey, Jr. makes my list for all of his work and especially Iron Man. As Mr. Stark, he makes his own rules and has the finances to back it. He’s powerful. Confident. And just look at him…

Another man worthy of my list is Mark Wahlberg. This former bad boy turned boy bander turned bankable movie star took his high school equivalency test after having children because he wanted to be a better man and a better example as a father.


Serious hotness!
The man who doesn’t belong on any list of Irish Americans but is Irish and frequently acts in American movies is...Colin Farrell.


Because just look at those eyebrows! Another plus? He’s one serious bad boy turned good.
I’m pretty sure I’d get in serious trouble if Jamie Dornan didn’t make my list. Dornan is the epitome of a powerful-but-broken man played out in his Christian Grey role. 
Power is far and away one of the most attractive traits in a man. Power is why women sleep with their bosses and not the mail boy. Power is why BDSM is such a turn on. Power made 50 Shades of Grey one of the bestselling books of all time…

Plus, Dornan is just hotness in a suit!

*fans self*

Deep breaths.

What’s not to love about Irish American men?

Coincidentally, I just turned in a new series proposal to my Harlequin Intrigue editor that features four Irish American brothers. The O’Brien boys are Irish on their mother’s side. Fingers crossed that my editor loves the series! And, if so, I won’t have to look far for inspiration for my heroes. :)

I want to hear from you. Tell me about your favorite Irish American man and why he makes you swoon in the comments…

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  1. Pierce and Jamie are both actual Irishmen... But let's not be picky, right! They are both still gorgeous.