Monday, March 16, 2015

Male on Monday: Hero Casting on Pinterest

Harlequin/Mills & Boon author Heidi Rice talks about the very tough job she has doing castings for her heroes on Pinterest...

Warning: Completely gratuitous objectification of man candy ahead... [Full steam ahead, obviously!]

First off, a confession... I am NOT a visual author. I never cast my books while I am writing them. For me my heroes and heroines become real to me in the process of writing. Who they are, what they look like is all about the way they talk, the way they move, the way they smell, the way they smile and scowl, the way they kiss, the way they make love (or don't make love), etc... I usually start with a few defining physical characteristics but their feel, their look is all kind of nebulous and subtle in my head and not all that specific. They come alive in the writing....

But then along came Pinterest and ruined all that! Well, sort of ruined it. Because now I do cast my books... But this is the movie of my book, it's not my actual book, if you know what I mean. Because no actor or model could be the perfect embodiment of my heroes - they are after all unique people who are completely real to me in my head. But I have to say it's kind of cool to be able to give my book a movie treatment while I'm writing it, or after I've finished... And a lot of hours have been spent getting that treatment just exactly right.

My first port of call though - if I don't already have an actor in mind for the movie of my book (Jamie Dornan and Henry Cavill kind of cast themselves, just saying)... Is the essential hero surf. This involves typing 'Hot Guy' into Pinterest's very handy little search box and then waiting to see what wonders await me....

Of course, you can be a bit more specific, if you know some key attributes...

Have to admit, I've had some fun casting my heroes this way... From my Cosmo Red Hot Read, 10 Ways to Handle the Best Man... Turns out Gerard Butler had just the right combo of taciturn dangerous sexiness to play my bondage-loving Best Man Connor McCoy (who was not at all coy, BTW!).

To my first longer women's fiction romance, So Now You're Back, which is due out next Feb.... Think a British Bradley Cooper as my bad boy journalist with a tortured past, Luke Best.

To the Fairytale of New York I'm currently having a blast working on in a quartet with Amy Andrews, Kelly Hunter and Lucy King for Tule... Hello Jamie Dornan, perfect casting as my dedicated Irish-American Public Defender Ty Sullivan, a white knight just ready to be corrupted by my bad girl heroine over one hot Labor Day Weekend in Brooklyn.

It's a method that just keeps on giving. So go on, get on Pinterest and get inspired casting your very own Male on Monday... Er, sorry that should have read, go get on Pinterest to do some very important research for your next novel...! Perfect way to start the week, IMHO.

Heidi is currently writing... Or she may be surfing hot guys on Pinterest. Either way it's all in a day's work.


  1. Haha, yes! You can find some fabulous inspiration on Pinterest. I normally search by eye colour.

  2. Interesting... Have to admit my 'blue eyes' parameter for the purposes of this blog came up with some very interesting results...

  3. LOVE Pinterest, I think I'd grind to a halt if it went bust tomorrow ;)

    1. I know you would... But I do appreciate all the hard work you do on there (no pun intended!)

  4. OK, so have just popped over to your Pinterest board for So Now You're Back (very cool!), and am outraged to see that Halle seems to live in MY house. How dare she?!?!

    (Chepstow Villas is totally where I'm living when I've made my millions. Have always loved that street!)

    1. I used to have a mate at primary school whose family lived in a huge house on Chepstow Villas.. Robbie Williams probably lives there now! (so you can't have it, it's mine...)

  5. So Now You're Back Pinterest soooo fabulous. I want to be her - then I can eat the cake and kiss the guy. Hot hot hot!