Monday, March 09, 2015

Male on Monday: Aidan Turner -- star of the new Poldark

There is something about a good historical romance which gets the pulse racing. PHS editor Michelle Styles investigates the latest brooding heart throb -- Aidan Turner

Yesterday evening marked the start of the new Poldark in the UK (It comes to the US via Masterpiece Theatre in June). Some may be old enough to remember  Robin Ellis as Poldark in the 1970s. Now Poldark is back but with Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark.

So who is Aidan Turner?

Unlike his character, Turner apparently comes across as a warm human being and brooding at all -- even though he smolders on the screen.
Born in Dublin, Ireland 19 June 1983, Aidan went to the Gaiety School of Acting. He is 5' 11" and has had a busy career before landing the plum role of Ross Poldark.
Aidan Turner as Poldark
He played Mitchell in Being Human and Kili, the dwarf who has a doomed relationship with an elf in The Hobbit. He was also in Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and has just completed filming Secret Scripture a film about a woman who keeps a journal while  incarcerated in a mental institute which is based on Sebastian Barry's turn of the century novel.

Aidan Turner's tan is brushed up on Poldark set.
While he has not seen the original Poldark, Turner's parents were huge fans and are over joyed that their son was able to play Poldark in the new adaptation. Turner is keen to stress that Poldark is a new adaptation rather than a remake of the hugely successful original.
Turner really enjoyed doing the background research as he tends to be one part nerdy historian. But he is quick to point out that he is interested in other aspects of history, including reading Boris Johnson's recent biography of Churchill.
In 2014, he won Empire's Best Male Newcomer award -- something previously won by Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston. 
He is in a relationship with Irish actress, Sarah Greene. Greene plays Judith in the Vikings and also went to the Gaiety.
Turner is reputed to have signed on for a potential five years of Poldark so the BBC is obviously hoping for repeat success and to remake all 12 novels.
This is the BBC trailer for Poldark:

Turner also has a playlist on you tube which lists all of his interviews:  

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  1. A possible five years of Poldark ahead. Lovely! I'm in favour, aren't you?

  2. I swoon just to think of Ross Poldark - and I feel an Aidan Turner crush coming on, just as soon as the series makes it to Australia...

  3. I am sure it will get there Avril. I just had a quick peep on wikipedia and nothing is listed except for the US JUne broadcast, but I suspect this one will be a huge overseas market for the Beeb.
    Natasha -- I am totally in favour! Hopefully they wll have just gone ahead and renewed after the first week's reaction.

  4. I've seen the previews and am looking forward to it! We just finished Downton here. Next up are the new seasons of Selfridge, GoT and Outlander. :)

  5. I've seen the previews and am looking forward to it! We just finished Downton here. Next up are the new seasons of Selfridge, GoT and Outlander. :)