Saturday, March 14, 2015

How I Nearly Died - It Made Great Research!

We're delighted to have Jacqueline Diamond with us at the Pink Heart Society today, as she talks about how her near death experience inspired her writing...

At a party, someone asked a group of us: “What’s the closest you ever came to dying?”

Several people referred to traffic accidents. My response was: the birth of my older son.

I’ve often thought that, if everyone in the world had as much trouble getting pregnant and delivering babies as I did, the world would not have a population problem. As if  undergoing fertility treatments wasn’t hard enough, I suffered a difficult pregnancy with premature labor and a highly dangerous birth.

I suffered a placental abruption, one of the riskiest developments in pregnancy, in which the placenta, the organ that develops to nourish the baby, separates early (before birth). This can shut off the baby’s oxygen and cause potentially fatal bleeding in the mother.

Thank goodness we had excellent doctors who performed emergency surgery, saving both my son and me.

How does this relate to my writing? Well, among my 100 published novels, many concern doctors, nurses—and pregnancies.

My interest in writing about medical subjects probably sprang from the fact that my father was a doctor, but I gained knowledge of obstetrics the hard way: from personal experience. I augment this with research, both on the internet and through the assistance of medical professionals, including a friend who’s a nurse.

Recently, I’ve been revising, updating and reissuing some of my earlier romantic comedies as ebooks. Quite a few touch on medical themes: More Than the Doctor Ordered and Daddy, M.D., for example.

During the past few years, I’ve been writing my own contemporary romance series, Safe Harbor Medical, for Harlequin American Romance. Book 15, The Baby Bonanza, comes out this month. The books are set in and around a fictional medical center that focuses on fertility and maternity care. Each book can be read separately.
As for my premature baby boy, he was born in remarkably good health. Now 28, he’s a computer software engineer and is getting married next month (April).

I’m glad I lived to see this—and to write about other women having babies, too!

Jacqueline Diamond has published 100 novels, including romantic comedy, romantic suspense, fantasy, mystery and Regency romance. Her latest - The Baby Bonanza - is available now:

Ultrasound technician Zora Raditch has made some big mistakes, but sleeping with a man just before divorcing him takes the cake. 

Then she discovers she's pregnant—with twins. 

Struggling to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and accept that her ex wants nothing to do with her, Zora finds that the only man she can count on is her handsome, helpful but also critical housemate, Lucky. 

Will he turn out to be Mr. Right in disguise, or just another Mr. Wrong?
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  1. Oh my, that was a difficult pregnancy.
    It's great that you can reissue your back list. What do you look for when revising and updating a book you published a few years ago? I'm thinking technology might be one thing, it changes so fast.

    1. Yes, I give the characters cell phones and update other technology references, plus any language or references to world events that sound dated. Occasionally, too, I catch mistakes that got through the copy editor as well as me.