Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Fun - Hot TV Heroes from Comic Books

Today Candace Shaw shares hot heroes from the comic books on the Pink Heart Society.

As a child, I used to read the Spiderman, Superman and Batman comics with my father.  I’m a daddy’s girl so at first it was a way to spend time with him, but after awhile I was hooked. I don’t read the comics anymore, but I still go see them on the big screen as well as watching the shows on television. 

Of course, now that I’m older, it’s about drooling over the hot guys in their superhero attire.  Okay so it was always about that and pretending I was the girl being rescued.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Dean Cain as Superman! Where shall I begin? From his dashing smile, smooth tanned skin and slicked back black hair, makes him one super hero that I would love to come rescue me. 

Did I mention the bulging muscles? 

He’s dreamy in every way. Even as the nerdy Clark Kent he still exudes a charming personality that can steal the heart of any girl but of course his heart belongs to Lois Lane. Lucky girl!


Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, also known as the hooded vigilante Arrow, is such a sight to behold. His rugged good looks paired with his ripped chest is downright sexy.  

Sure he’s wearing the green version of Eddie Murphy’s red leather outfit from the movie Delirious, but you have to admit he’s fine in it. 

The show definitely has enough eye candy ... um I mean great story lines to keep me watching for years to come.


Okay, so I don’t actually watch Constantine but my husband does. However, I’m in the room and every now and then I’ll glance up at the television and bug hubby with what’s happening now questions.  

John Constantine is from the comic book Hellblazer. While he doesn’t wear a superhero costume, he’s sexy in a rugged, bad boy way in his trench coat, hanging tie and unkempt hair.  

A con man in his past life, he’s now trying to redeem himself as a supernatural detective/demon hunter. He’s the flawed hero that you can’t help but root for.

The Flash
Barry Allen as the Flash isn’t the alpha hero that everyone drools over. However, he’s the sweet guy that you can’t but help fall for because of his kind-heartedness and determination to find out who killed his mother while at the same time protect the city. 

Plus, he kind of has a nerdy swag that can be intriguing.

Ladies, is there a super hero from the comics that you wish was on television but isn’t? Let me know in the comments.

Candace Shaw writes fun, flirty, and sexy romance novels for Harlequin Kimani Romance and she self-publishes as well. She loves hearing from readers and can be reached on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


  1. I love Matt Ryan's portrayal of Constantine - I think it works really really well and fits in with the Hellblazer comics brilliantly! Plus, I've just started the New 52 comic reboot - Constantine - and am really enjoying that too!

    However, I couldn't help but notice that Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon in Gotham is missing... Technically not a superhero, I know, but wow he's fab in it!!

  2. Hi Ali! I've honestly never watched Gotham. I love Batman but he's not it; however, Ben is a cutie. Maybe if it comes on Netflix I'll start from the beginning.

    1. I'd definitely recommend it - it's really interesting to see them rewrite a load of origins stories, including Bruce Wayne's! Plus it's got a really similar feel to Gotham Central which I ADORE!!