Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Fun - Fairy Tales

Desere Steenberg is talking to the Pink Heart Society about fairy tales...

Ever wondered what it would be like if real life was a fairy tale, well I have, countless time over! In my dreams I have been Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and yes even Ariel.  Or how about if fairy tales were like real life?

If Real Life Was Like A Fairy Tale

Instead of having to head out in search of the perfect dress for that rocking party , you could simply call on your fairy god mother , literally five minutes before the party starts and she’ll transform you into a goddess looking like you just stepped out from the pages of an Elle magazine!  No mess, no fuss, no going from store to store, no having to sit for half the day to get hair , make-up and nails done. 

Or how about the office hunk you've flirted with for ages, showing up looking like sex on legs instead of wearing jeans that so do not have any form of a tight fit, flip-flops and so not looking like the hot-always in-a-killer-suit-and-tie – guy from the office.  Prince Charming definitely!

Or if your guy would really pay attention and really listen to everything you say, hello Mr. Beast, thank you for my library!  And of course if the date is a total failure ( like that ever happens in fairy tales)  we would not be left stranded or have some idiot driver whoosh by and hit that “ When the heck did it rain?” puddle and leave us looking like date-zilla. No, we would simply run outside and our transport would be waiting for us!

If Fairy Tales Were Like Real Life

Now if fairy tales were real life, well Cinderella would not have lost her shoe, nope the darn thing would have broken either a clasp or a heal, and well she would have no other choice but to have gone barefoot. Mr. Beast would definitely not have heard a word Belle said or paid any attention to her and why she loves books, nope instead he would hammer down on the fact that he’s a beast in bed and outside the bedroom he could not really give a rats behind what you do or don’t do as long as it’s within his domain and of course don’t you dare step outside.  

Prince Charming would show up looking all laid back and like he’s about to hit the beach instead of taking you out for the night. It would take you literary the whole day to get every type of magical transformation done and find that killer right dress.  

And all kinds of animals flocking to sing with you, yeah right! The deer would run as far and wide as possible most likely trampling one of the dwarfs in the process, and the skunk would instead of being all kind and helpful, he would really let it rip and no little dip in the river would wash that stench away.  And let’s face it Aurora would wake up looking like an utter complete wreck!

Now let’s not forget Ariel , yeah I always wanted to be a mermaid, swimming along with not a care in the world, and dreams of walking on land. Reality is, of course, if Ariel really did hit land,  she would constantly be stuffing her face with seafood, and boy oh boy do I think she would really start to smell after a few days because hello taking a bath and protecting her secret , not a possibility! And her loving Prince would most likely be the one to snap the pics and splash ( splash haha) it all over social media.

Speaking of social media here are some ideas of what fairy tale characters might have said if they were real:

@PrinceCharmingTheSnowWhiteVersion: “Heading out to look for a chick in a coffin, would so rather be drinking!”

@CinderellaattheBall: “At the ball, man this dress is uncomfortable, next time I am calling Versace!"

@Bellelovesbooks: “Finally got that personal library, but there’s only a 1000 books, NEED MORE!”

@AurorathesleepingBeauty: "Woke up to some creepy guy kissing me, hello sexual harassment case!"   

Tell us in the comments if any of your dates have ever played out like a fairy tale or if instead it was the perfect version of a real life disaster. 

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