Sunday, February 08, 2015

Weekend Wildcard - What Does It Mean to be a Strong Woman?

We're delighted to welcome Margaret Daley to the Pink Heart Society this weekend, as she talks about the strength that characterises her heroines... 

When I think of a strong woman, I think of my mother who was a nurse and dedicated to helping others. Through her first husband’s death and tragedies like hurricanes, her faith remained strong. She volunteered and was ready to help others where she could. 

But what I remember about her was that she was always there for me. She died from a series of strokes that caused dementia. It was hard for me to see her that way, but I wouldn’t trade the years I went home at least a couple times a year to see her ( I lived halfway across the country).

When I’ve started a series of novellas about strong women in extraordinary situations, I started thinking about what makes a woman strong. 

My first book in the series is about a female bodyguard and the second one revolves around a woman Texas Ranger. The third one is a single mother who is a teacher and witnesses a car accident but no one believes her. She fights for what she believes happened. Each one is dedicated to her job, doing the best job they can, and being there to help the underdog. 

The heroines have problems, but they don’t let their troubles overcome them. They persevere through the bad times.

Because this series is romantic suspense, I had planned to pick law enforcement professionals or similar occupations as the heroine’s job, but in the third one I decided to write about a teacher and a widow with a child. Strong women are in every profession. I have planned a couple of more for this year and could use your help.  

What are some professions you think would lend itself to a book about a strong woman in an extraordinary situation? There has to be suspense and romance because that is the type of series this is.

Also, what I would love to know from you is what you think a strong woman is? Do you know one in your life? If so, please tell me why you think she is strong?

Margaret Daley, a USA Today’s Bestselling author of over ninety books, has been married for over forty years and is a firm believer in romance and love.  Her latest book, Deadly Hunt, can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and Google Play:
All bodyguard Tess Miller wants is a vacation. But when a wounded stranger stumbles into her isolated cabin in the Arizona mountains, Tess becomes his lifeline. 

When Shane Burkhart opens his eyes, all he can focus on is his guardian angel leaning over him. 

And in the days to come he will need a guardian angel while being hunted by someone who wants him dead.

When Margaret isn’t traveling, she’s writing love stories, often with a suspense thread and corralling her three cats that think they rule her household. To find out more, her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your mother - and strong women, Margaret! I loved what you shared - "strong women are in every profession." That is so, so true!

  2. How wonderful that your mother inspired you to write strong women heroines. And I love that you have a teacher as the heroine of you RS.

  3. Margaret, I enjoyed your blog post. Your mother was very beautiful.

  4. Great post, Margaret. How blessed you were to have such a wonderful mother and role model to inspire you. I especially love your idea of showcasing different types of strong women as heroines, and not just in the occupations people might typically think of. Having been a full-time mom--and also a teacher--for periods of time myself, I can attest to the fact that those jobs require great agility and a high degree of resourcefulness. Fitting qualities for romantic suspense heroines, for sure!

  5. Excellent post, Margaret. I feel the same way about my mother and my grandmother. My grandmother taught school for two years in a one-room prairie schoolhouse before she married, and I know she must have endured a lot of hardships. Thank you for sharing!

  6. You had a lovely mother, Margaret.

    How about a social worker for a heroine? Or a woman who manages a business with lots of men working under her?

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Vickie. I admire teachers, Ginny and Miralee. They are important to our future generations. Thanks, Donna. I love that picture of her. I think it was taking when she was in college.

  8. What a lovely post, Margaret. Your mother sounds like she was a beautiful woman inside and out. I feel the same way about my mother, aunts and grandmothers. They inspire me to keep going in many ways and I hope to pass on their legacy to my daughters. Thank you for providing women readers with strong role models!

  9. It sounds like a great series! I think so many women face situations requiring strength no matter what day job they have. I think you have a good representation of them started.

  10. Great post, Margaret! IMHO, strong women are also women who dare to be just like they are - who don't make themselves more fragile or more stupid to please a man and who speak their mind even to people who are in positions above them. My father had no respect for rank or position; he had respect for what people did or didn't do and what characters they were. I admired that tremendously in him. If you consider this, any job will fit, also a job in management.