Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Talk-Time - Teen Crushes

Today at The Pink Heart Society, our very own Trish Wylie is here to discuss teen crushes, the effect they can have on our TV/Film viewing choices and some of the current batch of lovelies she thinks might stand the test of time...

We all had a teen crush, right? 

I'm not talking about the boy at school who made you blush every time he smiled at you or the elder brother of a best friend who was always just that little bit out of reach (and all the more fanciable because of it!). I'm talking Movie/TV actors or pop stars - y'know - the one's you could dream about but didn't have a hope in hell of getting close to without risking a restraining order.

Fess up. You know you had at least one.

It's a constant from one generation to the next, something we all have in common with the maiden who had a crush on the top knight at the jousting tournaments and the great great great granddaughter/niece or cousin several times removed who is head-over-heels with that scruffy guy in the first Boyband to perform a live concert on the moon.

*Sigh*... they're just so... well, aren't they?

My first (cos I'm among friends and can share that kind of thing here) was Han Solo aka Harrison Ford of the original Star Wars Movies. I loved that he was an incorrigible rogue and a bit of a pirate. I loved that he was cocky and confident and made Princess Leia fall for him, even when it was obvious she really didn't want to.

Then there was the kiss in the Millenium Falcon, when he told her: 'You like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life. '

How could I not fall for him after that?!

Looking back it's obvious how much influence he had on the heroes I create. But better still (and as I like to view it, proof of what excellent taste I had in my youth), Harrison Ford is one of those fine wine guys who grew better with age. 

I followed him from Star Wars to Raiders Of The Lost Ark. From Blade Runner to Witness. From Working Girl all the way through to Ender's Game. Now things have come full circle and I'm waiting to watch him play Han Solo again in the new Star Wars Movie. 

Damn, I'm getting old. 

But you know what? I still love him. Not in the same way I did when I was a teen - all fantasy and starry-eyed hero-worship, one day he'll ask me to run away with him, style. I've become accustomed to his face, know I can rely on him to help me forget about my troubles for a few hours and smile when he says one of those curmudgeonly things we all think as we get older. 

After all, he's been part of my life for *coughspluttercough* years. It's a long-standing relationship. And I'm a Leo, we lions tend to be loyal...

Mind you, he did have some competition along the way. MacGyver aka Richard Dean Anderson was one of them. I was obsessed with this guy and woe-betide anyone who dared utter a word when the show was on TV!

Yes, it was corny, even back then. And yes, he was a one man A-Team who wriggled his way out of some pretty implausible situations with 'science' which often tested my suspense of belief, but I wuved him. Big Time!

He was different from Han Solo. Cerebral, with more of a social conscience and a deep-seated need to fight for what was right. Mac was an inherently good guy. Traits which would also carry through into the heroes I create. And that was attractive to me back then, quite possibly because I was at an age where I was developing a social conscience of my own.

I didn't follow Richard Dean Anderson the same way I did Harrison Ford, but many years later when he took on the role of Colonel Jack O'Neill in Stargate, I was smitten all over again.

Where-oh-where do I begin with Jack...

Honorable: Check. Never gave up on the people he cared about: Check. Good with kids: Check. He ticked a lot of boxes on the list I'd formed of perfect guy requirements at that stage of my life. He also had a sarcastic sense of humor, liked to live a quiet life in his cabin by the lake when he wasn't saving the world and seemed oblivious to the fact women found him physically attractive... 

Seriously, I could have married this guy.

Then there were all the things which made him ideal fictional hero material. Military man: Check. Tragic back-story: Check. Forbidden love interest on his team: Check. Anyone who has read my books can see some of the influences there. 

And can we talk fine wine, again? As Jack, he had once again proved I had excellent taste. 

Now, to be fair (and in the spirit of full disclosure), I should point out since RDA left the Stargate franchise he has gained a few pounds and seems to have reverted to MacGyver hair. But that doesn't matter in fantasy land. And despite what many detractors of the romance genre may say, I've never had a problem differentiating between fiction and reality, which is probably just as well considering the stalker laws these days.

I also had a bit of a thing for the singer, Rick Springfield (whatever happened to him?!) and in more recent times have taken to Google for information about actors like Michael Trucco of Battlestar Galactica and Nathan Fillion of Firefly/Serenity/Castle fame, who have both played characters I loved. (I've also used both of them as hero inspiration for books and no, that's not a coincidence!)

Anyhoo, the latter two chaps got me thinking about the crushes of today and how well they'll stand the test of time. (Cue Trish PM'ing her teenage niece on Facebook to ask who is considered 'hot' these days, 'cos A/ Writing this wasn't making me feel quite old enough to be nick-named Methuselah and B/ Hopefully by blaming her, I'll come across as less of a cougar when I talk about guys who are young enough to be my... much younger brother...)

So who was your teen crush? Do you have a favorite actor/sports star/singer who you'd re-organize your life to see in pretty much anything? What about stars of tomorrow - who do you think will stand the test of time? As always, sound off in the comments!

Trish (excitingly!) is currently working on her first self-published book. To keep up to date with the latest news, you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Great minds Trish! I also had a thing for Han Solo, MacGyver, and Rick Springfield! But I must add to the list, Remington Steele aka Pierce Brosnan. Right now, totally crushing on Ioan Gruffudd from Forever. Sigh....