Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Tuesday Talk Time - Addicted to Cake

Kate Hardy's back at the Pink Heart Society and she's talking about cake...

My name is Kate Hardy and I am a cake addict.

Most of the time, I’m pretty good. But 10 days or so ago I went to the British Museum… and how could I resist a cup of tea and a slice of their very excellent St Clement’s cake? 

And the weekend just gone, I didn’t have time for breakfast before I went into town with DH. We ended up in Marks and Spencer’s for a cappuccino and, um, lemon drizzle cake.

Some of my earliest memories involve making cakes with my mum and decorating them. (I also enjoyed doing that with my daughter, but she’s currently in the ‘can’t be bothered’ teen stage and would rather just eat the cake than help make or decorate it.)

And one of my favourite research trips (cough, family holidays get annexed for research) involved cake in Vienna. We went to this amazing bakery (Demell’s – highly recommended if you ever go, and it’s very near the Spanish Riding School). They had a glass wall at the back. Look at that incredible Lipizzaner cake!

I had such a hard job choosing from the array at the counter because they all looked so scrumptious.

In the end I went for the Esterhazytorte. And yes, of course we had Sachertorte in Vienna. In CafĂ© Sacher. Actually, I’m not a fan of chocolate cake and it was a bit rich for me, but I did try it!

Which is a roundabout way of saying that’s why my very first release from Tule had a working title of ‘How to Win a Girl in Ten Cakes’. (It’s part of the Bachelor Auction series, so sadly that title didn’t fit in with the rest.) And, yes, this is indeed how the hero woos the heroine.

I was forced to do a lot of research, aka meticulously looking through Parisian patisserie websites to work out what kind of cake and what kind of twists I wanted to use… to the point where I seriously considered ringing my best friend and asking her if she wanted to go to Paris for the day and go taste-testing. (I resisted. Just. Mainly because 2015 is a continuation of 2014, and I can’t get away from phone calls or having to go and see solicitors, social workers and nursing homes.) But I think my hero and heroine had just as much fun with the wooing that I did.

Are you a cake addict? What’s your favourite type?

Kate’s latest releases are A Baby to Heal Their Hearts from Harlequin Mills and Boon (the follow-up to Plague Squirrels), and Bachelor at Her Bidding, her first book for Tule Publishing. 

You can find out more about the book, and Kate Hardy, on her website and her blog - or find her on Facebook!


  1. My mother makes a winter lemon cake that has been known to cause family brawls. I'm a citrus freak - but I love Italian cakes too. And cakes with cream. Caramel. Fruitcake. Okay - I just love cake.

  2. Kate, never ever go to the Gourmet Russian Market in Cherry Hill in Brooklyn... Or Ottolenghis on Upper Street in Islington ... Both of them are a recovering cake-addicts armageddon as I have discovered to my cost on several occassions...

  3. Avril, that sounds gorgeous! (My big weakness is coffee and walnut. And sticky ginger cake. And... Yeah. I'm with you. I love cake.)

  4. Heidi - Ottolenghi's with you is on my bucket list ;)

  5. Love cake. Love chocolate with chocolate icing...but love lemon drizzle too...and cheesecake. And spice cake. And carrot cake. And yellow with chocolate icing. Cherry supreme...You get the picture!

  6. Ooops...that's me...Susan Meier...I forget that some software picks up the weird handle of my Blogger name.

  7. Susan - the day you and I finally get to meet up, it's going to have to involve a cake shop! ;)

  8. Hi, Kate :-)! Love your working title (too bad you couldn't use it). My new favorite: red velvet cake. And sorry for the rest of you--the best red velvet cake I've ever tasted is made at a small family bakery in my hometown. After reading your fun piece and all the comments, I'm off to eat...something :-).

  9. Terry - sorry, I am SUCH a bad influence! Love red velvet cake too (and my hero makes it as cheesecake - how delicious would that be?) :) Enjoy your cake!

  10. I love cake. I can't wait to read your new book.I love your writing especially Breakfast at Giovanni and One Night One Baby.