Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time Out Thursday - Romantic Couples from the Past

Desere Steenberg is telling the Pink Heart Society about her favourite romantic couples from the past...

I have always found that couples from the past and their remarkable journeys are often the most romantic. 

Let's take Cleopatra and Mark Anthony as an example (not least ebcause they're my favourite couple ever!!).  Their remarkable love story, the confrontation with the enemy (to some extent) and wanting to build a life together...before tragedy strikes.

It's a story that tears my heart to shreds each time I read or hear about it, yet I always wish I could find out more. What was it like for them to be in love in the century of countries literally tearing each other apart? Would their love have been strong enough to defeat captivity if Alexander the Great had manged to capture both? Or would they have taken the Romeo and Juliet way out?

Speaking of which, Romeo and Juliet, is one of those love stories that has lasted through the ages.  Unlike in Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare tells us everything: from how they met, to how they fell in love and to how they ultimately gave it all up in the name of love. 
Regardless of whether the couple in question were once living or invented only in the minds of readers and writer, it does not matter, not to me anyway. 

The past was fun, crazy, wild and sexy.

I'm not saying that modern times aren't exciting, but there's something a heck of a lot sexier about a Roman warrior slaying the enemies on the battlefield in honour of his beloved, than a guy just showing up with flowers or some fuzzy sentiment.

Yes, I realize that in the right setting, the right place at the right time does make it special and there is that magical feeling happening,  but to me it really is all about the perfect time and place...

I have tried to place myself in the shoes of two different scenarios: the modern woman meeting some hot guy and the lady from the past.  From meeting and falling in love, to him arriving to take her out for dinner and dancing. Then, at the right time, saying I love you... Lights or candles, it's suits, ties and fancy evening dresses or those amazing dresses where the woman actually seem to be literally wrapped in silk.

So naturally, when I sit down with a book, it's always more the older loves from the past then the newer reads that sweep my imagination off its feet...  Don't get me wrong, with the stunning array of authors out there today, there is a plenty of sexy off the charts hot heroes that are perfect and I definitely want to drool over all day long (I'm thinking here about a recent hero from a Jennifer Hayward book who I'd happily wander off with...) 

But as for those utterly delicious bad boys from the past...can someone just say "Fetch him and tie him to the throne please"?!

You are most likely wondering what exactly the point is that I am trying to get at.  The point is this, when you sit down to read a romance novel or watch that perfect romantic chick flick, do you ever imagine what it must be like to be the heroine? Do the heroes from the past get you more excited or are you more enamoured of the young, dashing businessman of today?  

To live in the past or not - or to romanticize the past or not - that is the question!

Tell us in the comments which your preference is: the past or the present?  Do romantic couples from the past make your heart that little bit faster?

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