Thursday, February 12, 2015

Time out Thursday: Playing in the Dirt

New columnist Candace Shaw is sharing with Pink Heart Society readers what she loves doing when she's not writing...

When I’m not writing I have to find ways to step far away from Poindexter 3 (my laptop) because I’ll be tempted to play on the Internet. However, I try to rest my eyes from staring at the computer screen. Therefore, my away from writing activities have to literally take me away from being inside the house in order to do so. One of my favorite pastimes is gardening.  
Playing in the dirt is very relaxing and rewarding. It relieves stress, and I’m able to clear my mind and be one with nature. Plus, the tranquility and serenity of the experience also gives me a chance to step away from the book and come back to it with new ideas or it subsides my writer’s block which is always a plus.
Tomatoes from last summer before they ripened.
From age five to age ten I spent the summer with my grandparents in Atlanta, Georgia along with my cousins who were around my age. However, being an only child I still preferred my time alone and would sit outside on some mornings with a book while my grandfather, an avid gardener, would be in his gardens. 

He grew everything from flowers to vegetables as well apples and peaches. He asked me for help one day and after awhile it became a daily routine. My mom is also an avid gardener so she eventually let me assist her with her flower gardens upon returning to Florida when she realized I knew what I was doing thanks to her father who had taught her at a young age as well.
Green Bell Pepper from my first garden.
Now that I have my own home in Atlanta it was inevitable that I have a garden. I decided to start with a small vegetable garden a few years ago. I had tomatoes, cucumbers, okra and squash. They grew quite well, and I was able to pick from the garden daily during the summer months. 

My husband loves tomatoes and okra together (I don’t like either) so I made that for him quite often. That winter, I grew collard greens, cabbage and broccoli. I was disappointed with the cabbage and dug them up but the collards and broccoli did well overall. 

Unfortunately this winter, I didn’t plant anything; however, I’m preparing for my summer garden now.
When writing books, I like to incorporate my hobbies and interests. In the fifth book of my Arrington Family Series, My Kind of Girl, the heroine Traci Reed is a botanist who works at the botanical gardens and also designs gardens for residential homes. I was able to use my knowledge along with some extra research to make her character real and relatable.
Do you have a childhood memory of an activity you did with a grandparent that you still do in the present?
Check out my latest release in the Arrington Family Series, My Kind of Girl where a bad boy playboy falls a quirky botanist.
Dr. Sean Arrington loves his family, patients, and the ladies. With no interest in settling down with one woman, he dates women—who like him—just want to have fun with no commitment and no strings attached—unless they like being tied up. Literally. However, when he lands his eyes on the cute-dimpled, quirky botanist Traci Reed, something tugs at his heart and he figures rules can be broken.

Traci has been infatuated with the rivetingly handsome bad boy since his mother showed her Sean’s picture a few years ago. When he asks her to design the gardens in his backyard, Traci can’t refuse. After they share a heated first kiss, she can’t believe Sean actually has feelings for her. She’s drawn to his smooth charisma and intellect; however, she’s cautious for she knows he prefers his bachelor lifestyle. Can Sean prove to Traci she’s his kind of girl after all?
Candace Shaw writes fun, flirty, and sexy romance novels for Harlequin Kimani Romance and she self-publishes as well. She loves hearing from readers and can be reached on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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