Monday, February 09, 2015

Male on Monday: Aussie Appreciation

The fabulous Stefanie London is here at the Pink Heart Society, talking us through her favourite Australian men for Male on Monday...

Last month Aussie’s celebrated Australia Day, so I thought it would be timely to showcase some of the most gorgeous men our wonderful country has produced.

One of the things I love most about Australia is its diversity. We have a great, vibrant mix of people who come from all over the world. Because of this we have an incredible amount of choice when it comes to cuisine, fashion, sport and culture…oh, and did I mention the got guys?

Here’s the low-down on some of the hottest types men in Australia:
Chris Hemsworth

The Big Names

We may come from a place that seems ridiculously far away from the rest of the world, but Aussie talent knows no bounds! I could have simply called this the Chris Hemsworth category. Sure, he has two brothers but do they even compare…really? I’m totally Team Chris. In this category you’ll also find Hugh Jackman, Sam Worthington and Eric Bana.

The ones who started on Home and Away or Neighbours

Jesse Spencer
They’ve gone from the small screen in Australia’s most long-running soaps to hit the big time overseas. Ryan Kwantan…need I say more? He was the perfect guy to play sexed-up Jason Stackhouse. What about Jesse Spencer? He went on to play Dr. Robert Chase in House and now stars in Chicago Fire. Fun fact: both Chris Hemsworth and Heath Ledger started our playing characters in Home and Away! While Liam Hemsworth and Guy Pearce got their start in Neighbours.
Heritier Lumumba

Sports Stars

If there’s something we have in abundance, it’s good looking sports stars. Pick any sport and you’ll find hot Aussie guys. Like Rugby? Check out Fijian Australian Tariq Sims or Israel Folau. Like fast cars? Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo have you covered. AFL is rife with hotness, David Zaharakis anyone? Or Heritier Lumumba? (Heritier also wins the coolest name award.)

Really ridiculously good looking

Have you seen Jordan and Zac Stenmark, aka the hot identical twins? There are probably a lot of really hot Australian male models but I feel like these two take the cake. There’s an entire Buzzfeed article dedicated to them. Also, do yourself a favour and check out their Instagram account. You’re welcome.

Chris Pang
Rising stars

They may not be household names yet but there is some serious hot, young talent happening down under. Chris Pang starred in the movie adaptation of one of Australia’s most famous YA novels, Tomorrow When the War Began. Jai Courtenay went from bit parts in Australian TV to starring in alongside seasoned Hollywood pros in movies such as Divergent and A Good Day to Die Hard.

There are a ton of other very gorgeous and talented Australian men that I could have mentioned. Who's your favourite Aussie? Which guys did I miss?

Stefanie London's latest release features another hot Aussie! The Rules According to Gracie is out now: 

Rule number one: don't fall for the wrong guy.

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