Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Fun - A New Poldark Television Series? Cornwall, Here I Come…

Avril Tremayne is telling the Pink Heart Society exactly why she can't wait for the BBC's new Poldark television series...

When I think of the perfect author quote (the one I’d love to see on my books one day), in the back of my mind is the snippet from The Guardian included on the covers of the twelve fabulous books that make up Winston Graham’s Poldark series:   

From the incomparable Winston Graham … who has everything that anyone else has, then a whole lot more.
On my bookshelf...

And to understand that, all you need to do is dip into the first book in the series, Ross Poldark. But – warning – when you do, get ready to fall in love. With the character, with the drama, and with Cornwall.

(Quick side note – whenever I submerge myself in Poldark, I start planning a trip to Cornwall. I am, basically, obsessed.)
Aidan Turner as Ross

So – a very quick précis: Ross Poldark, who has been fighting for the British in the American Revolutionary War (we’re talking 1780s) returns to Cornwall to find his home in ruins and the woman he loves, the elegant Elizabeth, on the cusp of marrying his cousin. Enter Demelza Carne – a young miner’s daughter Ross rescues from a fair brawl and whisks her back to his ruined estate as a kitchen maid…

Okay, I’m not going to give the whole story away to those who haven’t read the books or seen the fabulous 1970s miniseries starring Robin Ellis as the temperamental, heroic, principled Ross Poldark, and the gorgeous Angharad Rees as the feisty, quixotic, loyal Demelza.

Robin Ellis & Angharad Rees - fabulous
I’m just going to give you a list of themes: first love; lost love; new love; family feuds; rags to riches; reinvention; revenge; jealousy; fate; class struggles. All that and there’s even a bit of humour (thank you Jud and Prudie). Oh yeah, and don’t forget it’s set in Cornwall, so think smuggling too.

In other words, it has everything – then a whole lot more.

But for me it’s all about the love triangle: Ross, Elizabeth, Demelza.

The love triangle to end all love triangles!  That’s a bold claim, but I’m making it.

And the time is nigh for a reinvention – so imagine my elation when I stumbled across the fact that a new Poldark television series was coming in 2015. Quite frankly, I am beside myself, and if it doesn’t make its way to Australia, I will seriously consider upping stakes and moving to the UK.

Now, I don’t know the new Ross Poldark, Aidan Turner, but I hear he’s fresh from The Hobbit. Jury’s out, in my opinion, but I’ve proven myself to be a bit of a tart in this respect, as followers of my columns will know. Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy, Toby Stephens as Rochester, and Rupert Penry-Jones as Captain Wentworth…? All had to prove themselves, but it didn’t take long for besotted sighs to permeate the Tremayne household.

But the real question for me is Demelza. Because (such is my love for this character) the series is going to sink or swim on the girl.

I first became a redhead because of Angharad Rees’s Demelza – not kidding. And I remain obsessed with redheaded heroines to this day because of her. (Witness Kate in The Millionaire’s Proposition; Lane in The Contract; and Chloe, in my current work in progress, which is coming soon I hope). So I am hoping, really hoping, that Eleanor Tomlinson will bring it as Demelza.

A little sneak peek...?

So... besotted, elated, beside myself with excitement? I am all these thingsthen a whole lot more. Now, please tell me what you think about the books, the old TV series, the news series, the casting, whatever. I would love to know that I am not obsessed on my own.

Avril Tremayne's latest redhead, Kate Cleary, can be found in The Millionaire's Proposition:

He suggested a 'friends with benefits' arrangement:

* Two nights a week
* Strictly confidential
* One month only…

Weirdly, it might have been his proposition, but lawyer Kate Cleary is so buttoned up she whips out a contract for them both to sign! Seeing her in her high heels and stockings, all Scott Knight can do is sign and quickly move on to the implementation stage!

Kate couldn’t be more jaded about relationships. After all, she's in the business of ending marriages! Scott might be seriously sexy, but he’s also a complicated enigma—one she’s quickly becoming determined to solve…even if that means breaking the terms of her own watertight contract...

To find out more about Avril, you can visit her website or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. OMG never heard of this series, but you've sold me and I SO hope the TV series is going to be on BBC America!

    1. I really will pitch a fit if it doesn't come to Australia. I adored it the first time around and nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard it was being remade.

  2. I read these books when they first came out. Still have them somewhere in my basement. I'd love to see the series. Cornwall does intrigue me but Yorkshire where my granny came from has more pull.

    1. I'm an equal opportunity Cornwall/Yorkshire gal. I'm a Bronte nut, and watched a documentary set around their home a couple of nights ago.

  3. I have vague memories of the original -- more of the look of the characters and the countryside than of the story -- so am looking forward to this version. I envy you the Phryne Fisher series, which has not been given prime time or channel exposure in the UK. I've just checked and discovered that it's on 5USA on Sunday lunchtimes! At last!!

    1. Phryne Fisher is just fabulous, isn't she? I love everything about her personality. And do lt get me started on the clothes!

  4. For once it's actually a bonus to live in the UK... Looking forward to this. Not sold on Aidan Turner (although he does give good abs in the snippet, I'll grant you!) But I am willing to be convinced. Cornwall is gorgeous in winter time, all stormy and sultry and starkly dramatic... Do not venture near there in the summer though when it is heaving with tourists and not nearly enough surfer dudes.

    1. You know, every time I've ever immersed myself in Poldark, I have an almost overwhelming desire to travel to Cornwall. Cornwall is definitely one of the stars of the show. I'd be interested to hear if Aidan is nailing it from your perspective.