Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Fun--Are You a Fun Quiz Lover?

Welcome to Friday Fun! Today Pink Heart editor Jeannie Watt invites you to steal a few minutes out of your day and take a fun quiz. (Or two.)

I'm totally a fun quiz lover. Talk about a great way to procrastinate spend time while waiting for inspiration to strike. What follows are links to a few quizzes that I've recently taken (links are in red):

First up-- What would you be in a fantasy world? Despite insisting that I wanted to keep my current body, I'm a Golden Dragon--a protector. I can see it. Just mess with someone I love and see what happens.

After that, I decided to discover my Super Power. I assumed being a dragon that it might involved fire or flight, but no. Enhanced Intelligence. I'm cool with that.

Since I was into the fantasy, super power realm, I decided to find out what super villain I should hook up with.  Loki  I'm Scandinavian. It seems fitting to hook up with Loki if one really must hook up with a super villain.

Where I started to have trouble was when I took a quiz to discover what kind of beer I was.  I took the quiz twice and both times I was pegged as a saison. Really? Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm an ale, sweet and full bodied, or perhaps a stout, strong and not quick to spoil. Saison? I don't think so.

Then I moved on to What's Your 80s Hair Style. Big hair (surprise, surprise, being the 80s) with bangs. I'm sure they meant those bangs that were all spiked up and could bring in radio signals. I was so relieved not to have been pegged as a mullet sporter, that I took my big hair and continued on to the next quiz.

How could I resist discovering What Kind of American Man are You Attracted to? I couldn't. Come to find out, I like Sophisticated City Men. Must be because I think cool glasses are the optimal male fashion accessory. 

And lastly, I took a quiz to discover What Romantic Comedy Defines Your Life?  I was a little disappointed to end up with You've Got Mail...until I recalled that it is a remake of one my all time favorite (and little known) romantic comedies Little Shop Around the Corner, with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. I adore that movie and even reviewed it here at the Pink Heart Society

If you have a few minutes, take one or more of these quizzes. Feel free to post your results in the comments. 

Perhaps  you'll find that you're like me--A golden dragon with enhanced intelligence and big 80s hair who's attracted to sophisticated city men, but somehow hooked up with Loki, is pegged as a Saison, but knows deep inside that she's an ale, who's life is defined by The Shop Around the Corner.

Jeannie Watt writes fast paced, character driven stories set in the American West. To find out more about Jeannie and her books, please visit her website or her Facebook page. Her next book, To Tempt a Cowgirl, will be released in July 2015.

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