Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Founders' Day - What Goes Around Comes Around

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to have founder Ally Blake back with us, this time talking about how what goes around comes around...
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher who played the flute.

I took flute lessons for several years and played in both the school orchestra and concert band.  So that dream well and truly came true.

But my dreams of teaching somehow morphed into wanting to be a barrister (though more along the lines of The Good Wife than robes and wigs) than which led to my mum enrolling me in a youth theatre so that I might get used to getting up in front of people. And I loved that so much I went onto a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English - heavy on the theatrical.

From that point there was no going back.  I'd been bit by the storytelling bug.  Whether it was plays, screenplays, movie scripts or books, I tried it.  And loved it.

The funny thing about all this is that from just about the moment I sold my first book I've been given the chance to share my storytelling experiencesFrom speaking to hundreds at writing conferences, or small groups in libraries all over the country, to giving in depth courses at writing centres I have talked about everything from craft to career.  Giving advice, telling my story...teaching, if you will :).

Last year I was honoured to be asked to represent the genre at the Australian Society of Authors 20/20 Congress on the subject of "Commercialisation: the Business of Authorship".  You can view the talk - along with others by absolutely wonderful speakers from vastly different writing homes - below.

Commercialisation: the business of authorship from Australian Society of Authors on Vimeo.

Every year I judge romance writing competitions in order to help steer fledgling authors better in the right direction.  Not only do I enjoy finding fabulous new writing voices, but in figuring out where they might be going wrong, or - better yet - right, I can see in my own writing where I might be making those same mistakes, or literary leaps.

This year I already have a few workshops lined up, including a talk about how to make your first page a page-turner at the Romance Writes of Australia conference in Melbourne in August.  And another at the Queensland Writers Centre where I'll be hosting a full day intensive workshops called "Mending Broken Hearts" for authors who've finished a story and want some one on one time with someone whose been there and come out the other side.  If you live in Brisbane, Australia come along!!!

And I'll also be

Seems I ended up a teacher who played the flute after all.  :)

 Australian romance author Ally Blake has had thirty romance novels published world wide and sold over four million copies.
Her latest stories - Second Chance Honeymoon and Her Hottest Summer Yet - are guaranteed to transport you somewhere warm and yummy.

For Ally's latest news, head here:

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