Sunday, February 15, 2015

Call Story - Nicole Locke

We're delighted to welcome Nicole Locke to the Pink Heart Society with her very own call story...

The Call, The Call, The Call. Nope. Hasn’t happened yet. I don’t believe it. Not to me.

Yet, here I am writing this, and it still hasn’t sunk in. I’m not completely delusional (emphasis on completely). I know it happened because I have it in writing. Harlequin and I exchanged several emails before they called me. Each email exchanged created an ever increasing incredulity, excitement, disbelief, and joy. When The Call actually happened, and they requested a second book, I flopped on a chair. 

But The Call still doesn’t seem real. In truth, nothing about this publishing process seems real. Not the finishing of the manuscript nor the submitting it. Not meeting senior editor Linda Fildew, completing revisions, setting up a website and Twitter account. Not even holding a physical book with my name and my story in it.

It wasn’t that I’ve breezed through everything. All these processes were hard work. Agonising. Monumental because of the importance of it all. Scary because I didn’t, don’t, know what I’m doing.

No, nothing about this is real to me, but I think I’ve figured out why. Because to write has been a dream. And I haven’t let go of the writing dream, or maybe it hasn’t let go of me. To write, to publish, to talk to readers and other authors.

A dream I ignored, abused, didn’t take seriously as I did practical things with my life. But the dream has magic in it, and it persisted. So every time I listened to it, I’d write. But because I fought it, I spent decades turning sentences around.

When the book releases in February, I supposedly will turn from writer to author. And I still wonder if I got The Call, or if I feel Authorish. I have an answer to that: No, not yet. Even though I’m writing a historical series, and I’m working on the third book. Even though I’m meeting authors I’ve admired for years, and will soon get to interact with readers. And even though I’ve now allowed writing to become something practical (contracts are very practical), and my fingers are flying across keyboards. Even now, it’s not real.

Until it is, I know one certainty: that dream to write is strong. Far stronger than me. I spent years reading blogs like this on other people getting The Call. If you’re reading this, that dream to write might be in you, too. If it is, don’t ignore it, and stop fighting it. It has yet to let go of me, and it won’t let go of you. Write, and I look forward to reading about your Call.

Do you have a writing dream?  Share with us and Nicole they way you're making writing practical for you! 
Nicole's debut, The Knight's Broken Promise, is out now:

Black Robert. The most feared of all King Edward's men....

When an English knight approaches the charred ruins of her sister’s Scottish village, Gaira of Clan Colquhoun knows better than to trust this fierce-looking man. Yet, struggling to set her war-shaken world to rights, she has little choice.

Robert of Dent will see her to safety. He can promise nothing more. Never again will he make a vow like the one he broke years ago, even though Gaira’s fierce resilience makes him long to protect her.

But what will happen when Gaira discovers exactly who Robert is?

To find out more about Nicole Locke, visit her website, and follow her on Twitter.


  1. Lovely call story. I love the cover as well.
    I have no aspirations to be a writer but I admire those who do write so much.

  2. Thanks Kaelee, and thank you Pink Heart Society for allowing me to be here today!

  3. I love both the grit and dreamlike qualities that shine through in this post, Nicole - both necessary for writers. Enjoy every moment of publication success, you deserve it. : )

    1. Thanks Rae! Most days I think I have to do less dreaming and more typing!