Saturday, January 24, 2015

Writer's Workspace - Tara Pammi

We're delighted to have Harlequin Presents author Tara Pammi here at the Pink Heart Society, talking about where she writes...

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to post on Pink Heart Society. I’ve followed the column for a long time as a category reader first and then writer.

Today I thought I’d share a quick glimpse of my workspace.

In August of last year we moved to a new house and since I used to work from him even when I was on non-writing dayjob, I quickly snagged the downstairs study.

Smart Guy (smart because he married me!) who also works from home wanted an upstairs office anyway since he’s ALWAYS on the call.

And here it is:

As you can see, I have a nice little desk with a wireless mouse and a huge monitor. I started on the gallery wall recently and still hope to find a lot more pieces to fill it up.

A bookshelf that Smart Guy put together and put baskets in so that I could store things in place. Which I don’t.

Yeah, Smart Guy is an anal retentive organizer/planner while I thrive on chaos. So while I hunker down at the desk when it’s time for revisions, because I really like switching back and forth among the pages to fix things quickly, my first drafting is usually not done at the desk.

Which is why Smart Guy is always threatening me that he will take the study back. But for some reason, the study and the desk feel way too structured for the puking of words that I usually do at that stage.

So you can usually find me in the couch in the living room or the kids’ bedroom or just at the dining table. I won’t go into our bedroom because then I’d just feel like napping then.

Although recently, I have decided that I should maybe step out of the house and head to a coffee shop or library but I’m afraid that I’ll just do a lot of people watching then.

If you’re a writer, where do you write? Or if you a reader, do you have a special reading nook or a comfy chair that you always curl up in?

Tara’s latest Harlequin Presents, The Man to Be Reckoned With, should be hitting the bookstores anytime right now:


She wanted peace… 

Riya has always lived in the shadow of elusive billionaire Nathaniel Ramirez, her adoptive father's son. Determined to reconcile and put the past behind them, she lures Nathaniel home with the one thing he's always wanted: his family estate. 

But she's started a war! 

Even though he's furious that Riya has brought him back to face his past, Nathaniel can't refuse her bait. The only glimmer of hope is the attraction he sees burning in her eyes. He'll use every sensual weapon in his considerable arsenal to claim his heritage and get her in his bed!

Tara Pammi lives in Texas with her real life hero and her two little girls. When she’s not writing or reading, she can be found failing in the kitchen, watching tv or making resolutions to exercise more, or even a little.

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  1. Tara, I loved the peek into your work space. I am looking forward to reading your new release. I have read A Hint of Scandal several times. I love those characters.I love your other books too but for some reason Alexander and Olivia are my favorites.