Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend WIldcard - Real Life Heroes

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to welcome Jules Bennett as she talks about real life heroes, and has a GIVEAWAY for one very lucky reader...

Who doesn’t love a real life hero? The cops, the soldiers, the doctors…the firefighters...

I knew when I started The St. Johns of Stonerock series for Harlequin Special Edition that I wanted brothers who were real life heroes. Human, flawed, vulnerable, but they’re still out to put others first and continue to serve. My brothers were all hellions as teens, then they served in various branches of the military and now they’re all back with powerful positions in the town: doctor, fireman, police officer. 

In The Fireman's Ready-Made Family, Drake St. John is healing from losing his fiancĂ©e. I won’t go into specifics (you’ll have to read it yourself), but I knew this hero needed to be saved. I also knew it would take another broken, tender heart for him to recognize the need to heal, too. Oh, how I love creating the torment off page and seeing happiness and love click into place on the page.
My favorite type of heroes are the real men who aren’t afraid to admit their feelings, who go out of their way to protect the heroine, no matter the cost. My favorite hero is also the man who has a hard-working job that he takes pride in. Drake is seriously my favorite type of hero – he embodies all of my desired qualities.
Oh, and when he meets the heroine’s little girl *sigh* HEART. MELT. MOMENT.  
As I was researching for Drake’s character, I kept seeing images on Pinterest with various firemen resuscitating animals. These images have just stuck with me. How loving, how caring for someone to put their life on the line to rescue an animal from a burning building? I’m such an animal lover that this just really hit me hard. There are everyday people who save lives and make a difference that we never know about. They don’t require fanfare or recognition, they’re just doing their job. How amazing is that? 

I’m always looking for that hero who is powerful, yet gentle, maybe a bit vulnerable and definitely ready to put himself on the line for the sake of love. 

What’s your favorite type of hero? Whether he’s a millionaire or a blue-collar guy, what qualities does he have to possess for you to fall in love with him?

Jules is giving away a signed copy of my latest release, The Fireman's Ready-Made Family, to one random person who comments with their favorite real-life hero qualities:
For days, burn unit nurse Marly Haskins has noticed a handsome firefighter sitting vigil at patients' bedsides. Chief Drake St. John's concern touches the single mother deeply. But despite the warmth in Drake's cobalt-blue eyes, tall, strong, powerful men only remind Marly of the abusive ex-husband on her trail…and the dreams she's long since given up on.

With his own harrowing past, Drake recognizes that Marly is running scared. His life and career are about saving others from harm, but there's something about Marly that makes his protective instincts more…personal. Helping Marly and her daughter feel safe in Stonerock is his new mission—one that might heal his own burned heart.

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  2. I'm sorry. I don't have a "favorite type of hero". I enjoy the variety of heroes, whether they are millionaires, cowboys, CEOs, medical personnel, etc.
    I fall in love with various qualities too, all depending on how well the author has written the story. Sometimes it's their strength(s) that grips me, while other times it's their vulnerabilities. Sometimes it is their honesty, yet other times it is their lack of honesty (to themselves, especially) that pulls me in, because you know that by the end of the story, honesty will prevail.
    I think that I feel "cherished" (because I am the heroine in all my stories, of course!) when the hero falls in love first, whether he knows it or not. Maybe it's because there is less angst in the story if he doesn't sound so negative at first.
    I enjoy reading the hero's thoughts while he is trying to figure out how to insinuate himself into the heroine's life while she is trying to push him away. This is especially true with sheikhs and other powerful men whose power isn't necessarily a good thing for the heroine.
    I feel "cherished" when the heroine is carried tenderly by the hero for whatever reason. (Maybe it's because I'm 5'10" tall and have rare occasions myself for being carried....)
    The bottom line is that I enjoy reading stories that only take me 1.5 hours or so to read, ensuring that I won't be reading all night to get to the end of the story. I also will have the sweetest dreams possible (as opposed to reading a thriller right before bedtime). I am SOOOO lucky that I discovered blogs where I can share my love for reading and my love for love. Thank you for sharing your love with all of us....

  3. I have a weakness for heroes in uniform.

  4. Laney4, I agree! I have so many qualities I *need* for a hero to possess! And I was just telling someone the other day how as a reader, I feel I'm the heroine in all the books, so they're all *my* hero:)