Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time Out Thursday - Donna's Top Ten Ways to Chill Out

Donna Alward's back at the Pink Heart Society for another year and determined that 2015 is NOT going to be the year of all work and no play. 

So here she is with her top ten to chill out and keep her sanity!

10) Jewels Star. I'm not proud. I got sick of Candy Crush and Jewels Star was free and I got addicted. But it's fun and there's absolutely no purpose to it, and that's just what I need when I want to chill out.

9) Napping. Granted, this one isn't very productive, but I do indulge in a mid-day nap once in a while. Usually following 2 games of Jewels Star, because then I'm getting drowsy and I go right to sleep.

8) Reading of course! And I read whatever catches my interest at the time. Right now I'm reading my RITA entries that I'm judging, but most of the time I just look at my TBR and see what tickles my fancy. Sometimes I want short, sometimes contemporary, sometimes a steamy historical, or general fiction. I've got the first 4 books of the Outlander series waiting for me too!

7) Tea. I've discovered some herbals that I quite like. I'm fond of fruit teas especially, but my daughter also found a mint with licorice that I like a lot. I even have a special teapot for it!

6) Organizing. I think most people will say I'm crazy for this one, but sometimes going through and organizing and purging gives me the BEST feeling! To go along with this one is making lists. I LOVE making lists. It feels so productive, and when I feel organized a lot of my stress falls away.

5) Knitting. I'm not a great knitter by any stretch. But I do love doing some fun projects. I am finishing up a scarf right now and then it's on to knitting a baby blanket for my niece and nephew in law who are expecting a baby in June. :)

4) Walks in the sun. I love getting out and walking, especially on sunny days. Granted, it's nice when it's not minus a million outside, but I'll take bundling up and sun rather than mild and grey.

3) Cooking and baking. It makes me feel like I'm providing for my family. What I don't like: doing the dishes.

2) Red Wine and Chocolate. I don't drink a wide variety of alcohol. I might have a cooler or two in the summer, or treat myself to a bottle of Bailey's in the winter, but mostly I just like red wine. Good for my heart and all that. :) Anyway, unwinding on a Friday night with a glass of wine and a few squares of dark chocolate is heaven.

1) The guilty pleasure that is the TV. It might be a movie, but more often it's something on the DVR, like Downton or another Masterpiece Theatre production, or Game of Thrones or Outlander or whatever. There are even weekends where I do numbers 1, 2 and 5 all at the same time!

What do you do to chill out?  Join in the discussion in the comments!

Donna's next book is The Cowboy's Valentine, out on February 1st:

Coming home is hard enough without ranch manager Quinn Solomon making Lacey Duggan feel like an unwanted guest. She’s only here until she figures out what to do with her one-third ownership of Crooked Valley. But Quinn’s irresistible daughter is giving Lacey ideas about being part of a family. And though they don’t even like each other, Lacey’s having crazier notions about the widowed single dad.

Does Lacey think she can waltz in and turn Quinn’s life upside down…only to leave again? The pretty accountant knows nothing about running a ranch, yet she’s making the Montana homestead feel like a home. Quinn isn’t looking for love again. Until a woman who’s all heart and a determined little girl help one lovestruck cowboy see the light.

Find out more about Donna Alward on her website, as well as following her on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

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