Monday, January 26, 2015

Male On Monday - Swoonworthy Fictional Heroes

Desere Steenberg is here at the Pink Heart Society, talking about literary heroes v television heroes...

This is my first time gaining the Male On Monday slot and I literary went into shock! I don’t watch a lot of TV shows or movies, I am honestly always reading. And only occasionally I will get interested in a series or even a romantic movie. 

But truly movie wise it is always action, action and more action. The more bullets flying around and the more exotic the location is and of course the more mysterious the plot is the more I am interested and of course it’s always a total bonus if it involves hot military men.

I am completely addicted to marines, soldiers, Navy seals, the GIGNs, French Foreign Legion, you name it!  The more danger the men face, the sexier they are! 

6.7.11MattBomerByLuigiNovi1.jpgYet as I mentioned I went into total shock because I could not for the life of me come up with anything at all simply because knowing that most of our readers here prefer romance  and the romance candlelit dinners, he said she said ,all lovey-dovey stuff does not really happen in action movies. Yes there is the occasional super-hot sex scene literally happening for two minutes before all hell and drama brakes lose again and let’s face it it’s kind of hard to be romantic while you have bad guys chasing you and for all intentional purposes what you dead and preferably before the end of the movie.

So I started talking to my friends and family who love to watch romance and let me tell you they all suggested quite the list for me to watch - and find inspiration for the most romantic words spoken or actions taken in a movie. I watched them all, the most romantic scenes all laid out for me!  From George Clooney in Intolerable Cruelty, to My Boss’s Daughter with Ashton Kutcher and yes even The Lake House with Keanu Reeves.

I am delighted to let you all know I found some of the scenes very moving, as oppose to the usual “I am not feeling it, because there seems to not be the level of emotion I get in books”. I know that sounds awful but honestly some of the romance movies I have seen in the past were absolutely terrible. No chemistry, no emotion, everything just too plain fake, which of course is why I have always read so many books. 

George Clooney 66√®me Festival de Venise (Mostra) 3Alt1.jpgWill I trade my romance books for romance movies?  Never! Well maybe just a little now and then because clearly I have had my nose inside the pages of books for far too long I mean, HELLO MR CLOONEY, COME SIT ON MY LAP AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!   Excuse my momentary new found Clooney induced madness and  let’s get back to the point of this post.

Keanu Reeves 2013 TIFF (cropped).jpgMovies, no matter how romantic, just don’t seem to fit the bill of a good romantic book for me.  There is the occasional one, as I have recently learned, that stands out from the slush pile; but is it the hot men that really make the movie because it’s a real life image you can fall in love with? If it, is then what happens when he stars in the next movie and it's a new heroine he ends up falling in love with ?

It is that very question that brings me to my next point, in a book the author is always giving me a new hero to fall in love with.  Yes, it’s a new plot - just like in the movies - but it’s not the same hero: he doesn't say the same thing as before, does not take the same actions as before, it’s all new, all the time and that’s what makes books so much better than the movies. Thank you to each and every single romance author out there that bring me a new hero each and every single time!! 

Is it the heroes from the movies or the book that get to you the most? Are the heroes in books hotter or not? Given the chance, would you pick the hero from a movie because he’s real and can be touched in the flesh, or would do you prefer the amazing heroes authors dream up...? 

To find out more about Desere, you can read her romance reviews on Romance Book Haven, and follow her on Twitter or Facebook


  1. For me? It isn't about book vs movies. For me it is more about what makes a hero. I feel a hero needs to be a hero in all aspects of his life. This is fantasy after all. I'd like to read about a good man doing right. I don't want to read about cheaters, I don't want to read about men doing stupid things then coming back for forgiveness. I want to read about honor and decency. To talk in my comic book parlance? I'd choose the bronze and pre flashpoint Clark Kent who believes in doing what is right no matter the cost.

  2. I'm a huge fan of action movies and fast-paced tv shows, too! And those are the actors/onscreen characters I usually find crushworthy--probably because I'm such a fan of romantic suspense and it's easy for me to plug in a Fugitive or Starlord or NCIS actor into one of my stories than it is a leading man from a romantic comedy. Don't get me wrong, every now and then I need a fix of Matthew MacFaydeen as Mr. Darcy, but I'm much more likely to dream up a story around Keanu Reeves in SPEED than I am THE LAKE HOUSE, for example. Sometimes those movie/tv actors inspire story ideas--but it has always been the cop/soldier/agent/warrior who's inspired those stories for me.