Monday, January 05, 2015

Male on Monday - An Appreciation for all Men

Today we have one of the #3Amigas, Bella Francis, talking all about having a 'type'.  At the Pink Heart Society we can't help appreciate all men... 

Do you have a 'type'? Should you have a 'type'? Has your 'type' always been the same?

This can be quite a black or white question for a lot of people (usually the type that have a type). But in all things in life, I would argue that you should keep an open mind, be willing to try out new things and see where the path leads you.

In romance writing it is most often NOT the hero's type that he ends up with. He usually ends up with the woman who on the surface ticks NONE of his boxes, ties him up in knots of frustration and the person everyone agrees would make the least appropriate choice for him. 

Similarly, in my current book Scandal behind the Wedding, the last thing the emotionally bruised heroine Georgia Blue needs is a high-flying, all-about-me hotshot. She already had one of those and he left her high and dry. The next one she meets, Danny Ryan is the super-luxe version who sets her alarm bells ringing and she knows if she had any sense at all she should run for the hills!

Of course, true love will out and Georgia and Danny tackle each of the obstacles in their path to happiness, but if she had let her head rule her heart, she might never have taken that chance.

The Everyman
And if we each stay completely true to out 'type' who knows how many opportunities we are letting pass by.

Most interesting of all is the thought that some people can't get past the physical characteristics of their 'type'. If you think of it like a job interview, would you only employ hot staff? What about soft skills like empathy, understanding, the absolute commitment to go the extra mile for the one we love?

Us romance readers and writers know that there is so much more involved than a chiselled jaw and a set of sensual lips. Should the skin be golden? Should the hair ALWAYS be ebony? Or is it the sexual chemistry that ignites, the emotions that are developed and the ultimate knowledge that this love affair goes much further than skin deep?

I love that so much new ground has been broken and we're seeing so many heroes who are Russian, Scandinavian, Scottish (about time too!). I love finding the beauty in men whether they are Latin, North European, African, Asian or from Mars (where all men are from, after all!). Capturing that beauty is our job.

Enter my next heroes, the dark intense Argentinian Rocco Hermida and blue-eyed Adonis step brother Dante. I literally cannot wait to bring these two beauties to you. And I hope you agree that our 'types' can be very, very wide ranging indeed.

So I'm putting those questions to you:  Do you have a 'type'? Should you have a 'type'? And has your 'type' always been the same?

Bella's latest title, The Scandal Behind the Wedding, is available as Presents in the US and as ModernTempted in the UK: 

A wedding of convenience!

Recently jilted schoolteacher Georgia Blue refuses to mope over her lousy ex—she's taking on Dubai, one wild party at a time! Escaping a scandalous police raid so wasn't part of her plan…not to mention her superhot encounter with fellow party-escapee, sexy entrepreneur Danny Ryan!

Danny might be Dubai's latest darling, but even he can't afford to be papped leaving a hotel room with a thoroughly seduced-looking Georgia—not with the business deal of his life about to close! A quickie temporary marriage should let them both off the hook—except there's nothing quick about Danny's plans for celebrating their wedding night!

Bella lives in Scotland with her family. To find out more you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I'm all about celebrating diversity - especially when it means we look beyond the physical... :-)

  2. Some morals for someone who is a school teacher and who's mother ran away with the janitor