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Fun Friday - Secret Conversations of Romance Novels

The fabulous Jennifer Rae is at the Pink Heart Society talking all about those vital conversations between friends that never quite make it into novels...

No great romance ever started with a hunky dory beginning. The best of romances are filled with childhood trauma, dysfunctional relationships and bad breakups. The more torture a character endures, the sweeter the happy ending right?

But in only 50 thousand odd words, there just isn’t enough space to explain how the heroine gets through it all. And let’s face it, when you need to pick up the pace in a novel, one of the first things to go are the all important conversations a gal has with her friends during a budding romance. And besides, some of these conversations are NSFW, let alone a category romance novel. 

Sometimes, your girlfriends tell you exactly what you need to hear. Sometimes, they call boys names. Bad names. Sometimes they call you bad names. But that’s how we do it, isn’t it? We rely on our girlfriends to get us through the bad times.

So today I’m going to let you in on some of these conversations. These are the conversations that never saw the light of day. The words some of my heroine’s had with their friends that I didn’t write down but that definitely went through in my head. Conversations I may or may not have had with some of my own friends at one time. Conversations my heroines needed to have, because the truth is no one can go from this:

To this:

Without a little help from her friends.
The Hidden Conversations of my Romance Novels

The Sarcastic Friend

My heroine is frightened that her burgeoning romance with her new beau will end badly. Why? Because she’s already been married twice and neither of those turned out quite as she’d hoped. Clearly, she’d confused. What to do? Aha. Call oldest and dearest friend, to cheer her up and calm her down. 
Heroine: I think I might be in love, what am I going to do?
Friend: Good for you, it’s such a great feeling to be in love. So. When is the mofo going to propose??
Heroine: I’ve got two words for you friend. Never Again.
Friend: Why not? You could go for the hat trick!
Heroine: Fuck you.
Friend: Can I be bridesmaid this time??

Clearly, this friend knows what her friend needs. A swift kick up the proverbial. At times, we gal’s can get bogged down in our emotions and our feelings and need to be reminded that you make your own mistakes so only you can unmake them.

The Supportive Beyond Reason Friend
This particular heroine is in a budding relationship with a man she has strong feelings for but she isn’t getting the attention she needs and has some major trust issues to boot. She’s tried to tell the gent what she needs but he is just not getting it and my heroine is feel a little...underappreciated. She turns to her best friend to help her figure out what is going on.
Heroine: I haven’t heard from him at all..but clearly he’s been on his phone, I checked Facebook – he logged on over an hour ago! He’s just too stupid to type me a good morning text.
Friend: He clearly has mental health issues
Heroine: Clearly. It’s a man’s duty to send the first message, isn’t it? I don’t understand what else I need to do to make him understand that I need more attention! I’m so angry I could stab someone.
Friend: I’d be happy to help; I’m in a stabby mood. I asked my husband to have coffee with me and he said he didn’t have time. I mean that’s grounds for divorce right there.
Heroine: Wait right there, I’m coming with you to your lawyer’s office

At times, a women needs to know her friend has her back. Even when she is being ridiculous, outrageous and incredibly stupid. Sometimes two wrongs do actually make a right. In girl-land they do anyway.

The Distraction Theory Friend
My poor heroine in this scenario is emotional and has just broken up with her boyfriend, who she still loves. She’s trying to stay positive so she doesn’t think about the pain of her breakup. To help her get over him, she recently indulged too much in the strawberry wine and kissed another man at a party and is now feeling an unreasonable amount of regret, so she turns to her friend to talk her down from the bridge.

Friend: What you need is a trip overseas. And a few bottles of tequila. That will get your mind off things.
Heroine: Was I speaking to you in Korean? What part of I’m a nutcase and need to stop drinking do you not understand?
Friend: I thought that was code for ‘let’s go on a holiday’
Heroine: You’re right, it was. Where we going?

The heroine can’t always move forward on her own. Sometimes she needs a push. Off a cliff. With a bottle of tequila. Remember kids. Tequila fixes everything. True story.

My latest novel is dedicated to my friends because without them I’m sure I would be angrier, sadder and possibly secured somewhere in a mental facility right now. 

But I’m not. Because my friends love me and support me and are there for me whenever I’m about to lose my shit. 

And without all those hidden conversations with my friends, I’m sure I’d never have achieved my own happy ending. 
What do your friends do for you? Do they play a big part in your life? What is it that makes the relationships you have with your girlfriends as important (or even more so!) than the one you have with your partner? 

Jennifer Rae's latest novel, Who's Calling the Shots?, is as much about the need for powerful female friendships as it is the need to fall for a man you can rely on to love you when you need it the most:
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  1. What a fun pots! Thanks. I find it helps to vent with girlfriends. It helps to know that my hubby isn't acting this way to simply piss me off but simply because he's well, a guy.