Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Wildcard - Should you be reading that?

Today's Pink Heart Society post sees superfan Desere Steenberg look at how to cope with web-trolls.

Recently I was victim to what is commonly referred to as getting slammed by web-trolls. I read and reviewed a very lovely romance novel and as per usual published my review on all major retailer sites and also social media, which naturally includes Facebook.

After posting I went about my day with that awesome "I am in my happy place" feeling, because the book was really amazing and one of those that just leaves you get all warm and fuzzy. 

But later in the evening I noticed a comment left by an unknown person: "Disgusting! How can you read this romantic nonsense? You are appalling!"

Because I have never been victim to this kind of thing, I was first shocked, then came the anger and then the what to do about it ?  I started thinking and let me tell you, four days later I was still at a loss, the only clear thought was that I knew I definitely should not confront the person.

Then came Christmas day and I was given a brand new book ( I'm sure you will all agree, those are the best kind of gifts, I love it when someone knows what I want without me having to say it), as always I wanted to dig right in and get to reading.  But that comment came back to haunt me, and I was for the first time in my life starting at the cover of what looked to be a great book, not sure if I wanted to read it.

That thought alone scared the heck out of me, no reading simply because of one little comment? Heck no! So I picked it up and got to reading, I have never been so glad that I did. For the book contained the very message I needed to hear: "Never judge a book by it's cover".

We never know someone's story unless we take the time to find out the why and how, that formed the eventual outcome of their story. Some read romance for the blissful feeling that comes afterwards, some read paranormal because it's something that fascinates them, others like the wilder more outrageous side of life and hunts down every single erotica they can find.

So how is it that anyone can judge another based on what they are or have read? 

It's a thought that I simply do not have the answer to. It could be jealousy, or just plain nastiness.  No sane person would insult someone by telling them they look fat, or the car they drive is an old rust bucket, no those are the thoughts that rolling around in your head but voicing them is just plain rude. You don't know if the person has a weight problem because of a medical condition or if they drive that old rust bucket because it's all they can afford.

So why slam what someone reads? 

We all have our own secret indulgences, some of us have the guts to proclaim it to the world and not be worried what others may think, others prefer to hang onto it until the day comes when they are comfortable to say it out loud and not care.  

I never really fit into either of those categories until that comment. 

Now I am definitely the don't care kind, because I feel it's important to live life to it's full each and every day, read what you want, watch what you want, indulge in all. And don't let the meaningless comment of anyone send you into a rage or fit of "should I be doing this?" 

Keep moving, turn that page and dare to be different, never judge, and that lesson came from turning the page of a romance book!

Tell us in the comments:  Have you ever been victim to web-troll slamming? Are you the type of reader that reads what you love and secretly slams what someone else does, or do you admire the person for taking a leap and reading something that you don't read at all? 

To find out more about Desere, you can read her romance reviews on Romance Book Haven, and follow her on Twitter or Facebook

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  1. Exactly! I always think "who are you to judge what I read based on what you DON'T read?" I also like to be armed with facts and figures for when people just don't get it, "romance is great here's statistical proof!!"