Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekend Wildcard - The Ghost of Christmas Past

We're delighted to welcome Blaze author Kira Sinclair to the Pink Heart Society today, to talk all about facing up to ghosts from the past at Christmas... 

What is it about the holiday season that seems to drag ghosts out from the past? Maybe it’s that we’re all out circulating more – parties, shopping, dinners with friends. Whatever it is, running into that ex – boyfriend, spouse, best friend – you hoped never to see again just seems like the rotten cherry on top of an already stressful time of year. 

Whenever it happens to me, I’m never at my best. It can’t be when I’m dressed to the nines, wearing my sparkly party dress, killer heels and perfect make-up. No, it’s usually when I’ve decided to go pick up a last minute gift and I’m wearing ragged sweats, haven’t washed my hair in 48 hours and have bloodshot eyes from staying up late to wrap presents and bake the cake I promised work.  
That kind of situation is always awkward, but add in twinkling lights, festive carols and the overly cheerful people in the background and it just seems to make the entire thing worse. 

You feel obligated to ask about family members you really don’t care about. You hear endless stories about Uncle Jim and how he isn’t going to make it home for the family get-together because of the stroke he had in July. You never particularly liked Uncle Jim after the incident with the candle and your Shih Tzu anyway, and he knows it. But everyone puts on a friendly face at the holidays. 

And I’m not saying we shouldn’t. That’s what the season is about after all, joy and peace and goodwill toward our fellow man. But does my humanity have to be tested by placing the one person I don’t want to see in my path?


 The heroine of my December Blaze, Tatum Huntley, has a personal Ghost of Christmas Past moment when she looks across the street at her friend’s December wedding to find her husband, a man she thought died three years, leaning against a vintage Harley. At first, she really does think he’s a ghost, conjured up from the romantic moment she’s just watched her friends share. But it quickly becomes obvious Evan is very, very real. 

Most women might rejoice at having their dead husband resurrected, especially at Christmas, but not Tatum. Oh, she loved Evan with everything she had. He was the one person she could always count on. Until she couldn’t and he was no longer there. She’s built a life, one where she isn’t dependent on him for her happiness and she’s afraid to make herself vulnerable only to lose him again.

Evan just wants his wife back. It’s the best Christmas present anyone could ever give him. He’s been in hell for the last three years. The only thing that sustained him during that time were his thoughts and memories of Tatum. She’s always been the light in his life and he desperately needs that again, before the darkness he had to endure swallows him whole.

I have to admit, Tatum and Evan’s story turns out much better than any of my chance encounters do. 
Have you ever had a run-in with a ghost from the past at this time of year? Have a funny (or dreadful) ex story to share? 

You can read Tatum and Evan's story, Bring Me to Life, now:

Subject: Evan Huntley, Special Ops 

Status: Believed to have been killed in action…until now! 

Three years is a long time. Long enough for Tatum Huntley to leave heartbreak behind for the idyllic town of Sweetheart, South Carolina. Long enough to start over. Yet not long enough to forget the devastation left behind when he died. Her husband. The man whose touch haunts her… And the man who just walked back into her life. 

All Evan Huntley wants is to get the woman he loves back in his arms…and his bed. While her love for him never died, Tatum can't—and won't—forgive Evan for letting her believe he was dead. For leaving her alone. But can she resist giving in to the exquisite passion that still burns between them?

To find out more about Kira's writing, check out her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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