Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wayne Jordan - Slowing Down

We're delighted to welcome back Wayne Jordan to the Pink Heart Society today.  Wayne is talking about his near-death experience, and how it's changed the way he looks at life.

On Tuesday, 2nd December 2015, I almost died. 

I fell asleep while driving—in the middle of the afternoon. It was around 1.30 p.m. I open my eyes, my car on the wrong side of the road, to see a lorry swerve off my car and a large truck heading towards me. I swerved my car, and drove about 100 meters into a sugar cane field. When the car stopped, I realized that I was alive. Stepping out of my car, I discovered that the only problem with my car was the grass and bush which clung to it. It took a few days for me to recover from the ‘incident’ but I was glad to be alive.

I learnt several things over the next few days. Firstly, that I needed to slow down. I could no longer do all the things I was doing – teaching, reading, writing, hosting on, maintaining my review site,, with the same intensity. I needed to makes changes; I needed to take time to relax; I needed to slow down.

Secondly, I realized that, while I did not acknowledge the presence of a greater being as much as I did when I was younger, that Someone very special was out there watching over me.

A few days ago, at my school’s annual carol services, I sang one of my favorite Christmas songs, Mary, Did You Know? I love Christmas, its music, and its traditions. I loved it all. For the first time that song had special significance for me. I would live to see another Christmas.

In October 2007, my 4th book, TO LOVE A KNIGHT, a Harlequin Kimani Romance and the second book in my Knight Family series was released. The story, despite the non-holiday cover, is set at Christmas time. 

My hero, Kyle Austin, is blind and hates Christmas. His memories of Christmas - his mother’s death, the accident which blinded him - are all part of the reason he dislikes the season. He epitomized “Bah humbug”. A former cricketer, celebrity and playboy, Kyle had become a recluse, comfortable to be away from the prying eyes…until Tamara Knight barrels her way into his life. Tamara annoys him, challenges him…and makes him feel alive. Reluctantly, but inevitably, he falls in love with this very special woman.

This Christmas I was to do all the ‘Christmasy’ things I haven’t done in ages. I was to go to Christmas Mass; I want to wake up on Christmas morning and open my gifts; I want to make this Christmas special, because I’ve realizes that life is so fragile…it’s like the whisper of the wind, the softness of a snowflake…which eventually vanishes….

Please, please embrace life to the fullest! But most of all, remember the reason we celebrate Christmas – the birth of the Christ child…

Have a Blessed Christmas! 

Wayne's latest book - Touch My Heart - is available now:
A tropical island. A sensual stranger. Passion in Paradise.  

A job offer in Barbados is just what widowed nurse Aaliyah Carrington needs to heal and start over. But the rugged stranger she meets on the beach against a backdrop of crashing waves is something out of a Hollywood fantasy. One of "the Sexiest Men Alive," movie star Dominic Wolfe abruptly vanished from the spotlight. His brooding, aloof manner only makes Aaliyah more determined to help her injured patient who arouses such potent desire.

After walking through fire to save a little girl, Dominic knows he isn't the man he once was. He came home to the tropical island to retreat from the world, but Aaliyah is bringing him back to life with her soothing, erotic touch. Is he ready to let the past go and fight for their future—and a second chance at his own happy ending?

To find out more about Wayne, visit his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter and check out Romance in Color, which he founded when he realized that there were very few websites which focused on African-American romance.

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