Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Tuesday Talk-Time - Surrendering to the Universe

Pink Heart Society regular Joss Wood is here talking about fate, destiny and surrendering to the plan that universe has for us...

So, I’ve been thinking about life and fate and destiny and all those deep and delightful concepts lately—shocker!! romance novelists can go deeper than a puddle!—and I thought that I’d share some of my musings with you today.

Is that ok? Can I do that? Just quickly?

This year is rapidly winding down and it’s been a hell of a year; not particularly bad or sad or stressful but just…challenging I guess. And every time I thought I had a handle on what was what and who was who and where my life was going, life—AKA the Universe AKA God — spun me on another course. And in the process, I learnt that a) I am only sanguine and laid back when I feel in control  and b) to that I should trust Life/The Universe/God more.

To give you an example or two:

The first quarter of this year was phenomenal, writing wise. At one point, I had contracts for three books, a book outstanding on a multiple book contract and a promise of another multiple book contract. I was sorted for the next year or two so I decided to quit my day job so that I could write full time. This would also give me time to start work on a single title. I resigned and the day after my replacement signed her contract, I heard that the KISS line was discontinued.  Now, if I’d gotten that email a day or two earlier, I would have stayed in my job but I was meant to leave. The universe made damn sure of it. I wish the universe had also sent me a regular pay check along with unemployment but that’s another story.

Another example of life working in mysterious ways—clich├ęd but true – is the story of finding my son the right boarding school. A year ago we started the process of looking for a high school for him and the first school he applied to – and got accepted at—only allowed their applicants to apply for scholarships/bursaries after they pay a hefty acceptance fee. Private high school is prohibitively expensive in South Africa and we live in a small rural town. The government high school is okay, not brilliant and doesn’t have facilities (especially sporting) that Rourke, well, wanted. 

Long story short, we couldn’t afford the fees, at school number one or at any of the other private schools we applied to. We eventually found him a government school that had a solid academic record, an astro turf hockey pitch and an indoor swimming pool (in the last year we’ve realised he’s an amazing swimmer) and best of all, we could comfortably afford the fees. Yay! Sorted! Whoot!

Yeah, not quite. We planned on buying his school uniform last week Friday until we got a call the day before from Private School Number 1, saying are you interested in sending your boy to us? Can’t afford it, we replied and we’re out of time, the new year starts in six weeks. Let’s chat, they said. We did and four days later Rourke was awarded a place there and a fat bursary. We didn’t look for it, we didn’t ask for it, it just happened. 

Life. Mysterious ways.

As a result, I have renewed faith in life, in the way it works. I wasn’t meant to work in an office, I was destined to give up my job, I was meant to write and something bright and bold is out there waiting for me. I just have to have faith. To believe.

And I really do….and I hope you do too. Believe, that is, in whatever your soul yearns for.

With love,

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  1. A thousand times yes!! I think this post should be mandatory reading for all writers.

  2. Joss This really resonated with me. I have a tendency to need to be in control and I love the idea that sometimes the universe has a plan. Just because I don't know whats round the corner doesn't mean it isn't going to be something wonderful! I'm so glad everything worked out so well for your son and I think the leaving your job scenario is going to open up a world of opportunity! Nina x