Thursday, December 04, 2014

Time Out Thursday - Remember the Past

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to have guest author Robin Perini back with us!  She's talking about strolling down memory lane and exploring her past, as well as having offering a #GIVEAWAY for a lucky reader!

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” –Benjamin Franklin

Time passes so quickly. I’ve had ten books come out since November 2011, and it’s kept me pretty busy…in fact, so busy that I’ve had very little time off. Which made me smile when the lovely Pink Heart Society asked me to write this blog. Strangely, though, it’s probably the perfect time. Recently I’ve been dealing with my mother’s serious illness. It makes you think. A lot. About where you spend time.

With the support of my amazing agent and very kind editors at Harlequin and Montlake, I’ve taken some time off from writing. To be there for my mom. For my family. And frankly, to take a breath for me. 

While this means I won’t have any books out for a number of months after the current release—Christmas Justice (December 2014)—I’ve also been able to spend time on what’s important. It comes down to people. Friends and family. And memories.

I’ve taken a lot of strolls down memory lane recently. And of course, knowing me, I never just settle for the known. I have to explore the unknown. It seemed natural that the conversations led to quite an exploration of the family tree on

My dad started it. Now I’m addicted to those little leaves on Ancestry as well. For me, it’s been something quite special. Family stories have come to life. My great uncle fighting in World War I, then coming home to take care of his brothers and sisters after my great-grandfather’s untimely death. An ancestor who sailed to America but who lost one son when he fell overboard during the journey. A rather mysterious great-great-grandfather who, legend has it, lost his father in the Civil War and his mother not long after. He fended for himself from an age less than ten. 

For the writer in me, all these tidbits generate stories. I’ve had the most remarkable time digging through old census records, military service records, wills, histories, papers, letters to the Department of the Interior, even a cassette tape of my great grandmother talking about her life. 

I’ve come across some amazing names, Nimrod Carder (Nimrod was a descendent of Noah in the Bible); Verdie Bailey (I still don’t know the origins of that name), and many, many more. I’ve followed my family tree to England, Wales, France, Germany, the Choctaw and Cherokee nations…and of course, Italy. I’ve discovered a monument with the names of two babies lost when they were but days old. Their names: the names of my grandfather and great-uncle. I found a photo from an ancestor born in 1788. One lines goes back to Virginia in the 1600s.

Not all the history has been easy to view. There were bills of sale for slaves. There was the loss of many a small child. There was a woman who was burned to death making soap.

That’s my past. A glimpse of a time gone by. It’s also a reminder. Whether you can trace your family back to the sixteenth century (or earlier), the past is something to learn from. More importantly, however, the past doesn’t define who we are. Our choices in the here and now define who we are, how we live, and how we are remembered.

So take the time to explore the past. Be it your own history, or the history of your country or the world. Because the past can enlighten the present in ways you may never imagine.


I’d love to hear a tidbit or even thoughts on exploring your genealogy. If you comment below, you’ll be entered in a giveaway to receive any of my backlist on e-book. If you’re in the U.S. you can request an autographed copy be mailed to you. 

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Robin publishes romantic suspense with Montlake Romance and Harlequin Intrigue. She has also recently come out with her first paranormal romantic suspense, Night of the Jaguar as part of the Twelve Shades of Midnight Anthology.  Her latest book Christmas Justice, is available this month from Harlequin Intrigue:

The new Sheriff in Trouble, Texas, had a lot to prove. The last thing needed was a gorgeous CIA analyst getting in his way—at Christmastime no less! 

Trouble's newly minted sheriff, Garrett Galloway, is determined to move on from his traumatic past. But when Laurel McCallister tracks him down and begs for help, he can't say no to the smart, beautiful CIA analyst. She's desperate to find the assailant who killed her niece's family—and now wants her dead. 

On the run, Garrett, Laurel and her young niece escape to a Texas ranch, but danger follows. Garrett's courage lessens Laurel's initial distrust of the mysterious lawman and sparks fly in the remote cabin. Now he must succeed for more reasons than avenging Laurel's family.

You can read excerpts, read reviews, sign up for her quarterly newsletter or mailing list, check out my book trailers and even request trading cards or a Authorgraph on my website. she's also on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Pinterest. And, if you enjoy her stories, you may want to consider being part of the Rockin’ Robins, her street team. There are lots of special giveaways and more. 


  1. Thanks so much for having me today, guys! It's a real pleasure!

    1. Thanks for coming! We're super pleased to have you!! :D

  2. Well... it seems my previous comment went missing in cyberspace... It must be so interesing, but I can't look up my family for personal reasons I'd rather not disclose publicly... :-(

  3. I've been lucky, I admit. What's been most enlightening for me though has been the hint of an ordinary person's life. There are so many journals available that offer similar glimpses into the past, so if your family history is out of reach, a re-look into history when it's not for a grade can be fascinating.

  4. I love researching my genealogy and started before sites online started to charge. I'm lucky enough that my great-grandmother (mother's side) left a several page letter about her life. She was German living in the Volga River area of Russia and because of changes in their laws her family decided to come to America. I've got a picture of the ship, and a great description of how she felt in a new country where she spoke no English. My father had 13 brothers and sisters and I have traced back to 1803, the Civil War, coming to Oklahoma in a's like solving my own mystery one piece at a time and I love it! I think that's part of why I love Intrigues so

  5. Hi Brenda! My great-aunt did a lot of research in the 1950s and 60s, tracing back to the Revolutionary War. I so admire her and you for all the effort! I agree it's so much our own mystery. Maybe that's why I write Intrigues! :-). Thanks SO much for stopping by.

  6. I have researched my dad's dad and have found out many interesting things he did. Was part of the early car industry, an inventor, and racing on the beach at Daytona in 1902. I am in the process of going further back on that side of the family and my mother's side. Sharing on Facebook.

  7. I have been extremely fortunate to locate a distant cousin during the early days of my genealogy searches and he'd already mapped the family back over 13 generations on my father's maternal side. My umpteenth great grandfather was one of the original settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, having come here with his wife, 8 sons and a daughter.

    That cousin had names and I had family pictures from the 1800's so we shared and were able to put faces with names.

  8. I love doing my family genealogy. Have found so many interesting things. My grandfather had a lot of information that he had researched before his passing. I love finding where it all started. Shared on FB and Twitter.