Saturday, December 20, 2014

The #3Amigas - What a Difference a Year Makes

Today we have have one of the Pink Heart Society's #3Amigas, Amber Page, talking about how writing can become incredibly difficult, and how so many things can change of just one year...

Last Christmas, I spent my holidays making the first round of revisions to what became All’s Fair in Lust & War. I didn’t have a contract or even the promise of one.

But I did have an editor in my corner. One who seemed to know in her heart of hearts that I could make my manuscript sing.

I wasn’t so sure. But, in classic “fake it till you make it” style, I decided to pretend I was.

And in the end, the manuscript did sing. It did make me part of the Harlequin family. And it did get published.

Even better, it earned me the chance to spend more time with Jessie—my main character’s best friend in All’s Fair.

Jessie’s story, hitting the shelves under the title Dating the Enemy on January 1, 2015, picks up where All’s Fair ends. We get to watch as Jessie does battle with her own powerful ad man, igniting sparks of all kinds along the way.

It’s a fabulous story, and one I’m proud to have written. But it was a bitch to write.

I was dealing with some heavy stuff—including the suicide of someone very close to me. I didn’t want to write anything. Especially not the story I had plotted out. It seemed far too light and fluffy.

But I had a deadline. A really tight and unmovable deadline. I had to write something.

So Jessie and I sat down and had a little talk. And she told me some things about herself. Some things that cast her story in a completely different light. Some things that let me express a bit of my own pain, without making the story a total downer.

After that, my fingers started moving on the keyboard again and the story started to come together.

It still wasn’t easy. Jessie and I had a lot of fights along the way. I shed more than a few tears. Drank more than a few glasses of wine. Lost countless hours of sleep. But it was worth it.

I am ending 2014 as not just a published author, but a multi-published author. I’ve written two books in less than a year. That’s pretty unbelievable.

I have no idea what’s next. I’m writing one book that I hope to sell to Harlequin, and I have ideas for others.

But again, there are no promises. There’s no signed contract with my name on it.

However, there is one big difference. I know I can write a book that rocks. A manuscript that sings. All I have to do is prove it to my new editor.

Here’s hoping I publish at least two more in 2015.

What do you find difficult when you're writing? 

Amber’s latest book, Dating the Enemy, is available now for pre-order on the Mills & Boon website:

The dating game…

Jessie Owens is determined to live life to the fullest so her only rule after meeting the delicious Nick Thornton is to get him into bed!

But things get complicated when Jessie discovers Nick is her company’s biggest rival and that she’s been dating her enemy! By day, Nick seems determined to destroy her company, but by night his sizzling kisses show so much more…

Amber lives in Indiana, USA with her husband and daughter. When she's not writing, she's an advertising copywriter. You can find out more at her website or on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head, Amber. When things are going wrong in our personal lives, no matter what they may be, it can be hard to sit at your computer and write about love and romance. I've been there. This year, I've suffered a recurrence of my chronic illness, coped with my son (who has ADHD and autism) homeschooled two more who suddenly started suffering panic attacks and anxiety and dealt with the unthinking comments and attitudes of family members who really ought to know better.
    But you know what? I think these personal difficulties show what good writers we are. What strong characters we are. Because despite all of that, we do sit down and write those scenes and craft those worlds and find those nuggets of brilliance to put in our stories and just for a moment, it allows us to forget about what we're experiencing.
    Writing is often used for therapy.
    And I can understand why.
    Hope you have an amazing 2015! Seasons greetings x

    1. You're so right, Louisa. It is great therapy. And also a fabulous form of escapism!

  2. Nothing beats disappearing into a romance with a guaranteed HEA and a guaranteed HOTTIE - nothing!
    Your second book is on the shelves in my local supermarket - isn't that the best feeling ever! Here's to a fab 2015 for you and the other 3Amigas!!!