Monday, December 15, 2014

Male On Monday - Men With Awesome Facial Hair

This Monday at The Pink Heart Society, columnist Jennifer Rae brings us her Beard Appreciation List. And there's not a jolly man in a red suit anywhere in sight!

It’s my turn to talk about my man-crush. But friends, this isn't easy – I’m not good with decision making. I have to pick just one? One man out of the hundreds and thousands of beautiful, gorgeous, annoying, frustrating men out there? I couldn't do it. So I've decided to put together a ‘group’ of men that I’m currently crushing on.

You see, I’m a lover of men. Yes I am. All men. The smart ones, the stupid ones, the pretty ones, the plump, happy ones, the funny ones, the serious brooding ones…they all have something I like. But how does one man stand out against another? 

Their eyes. Yep. I’m an eye girl. Nothing beats a man with gorgeous eyes. Whether it’s piercing, almost frightening like football player Chris McQueen or deep and dark and lovely like the beautiful Henry Cavill, it’s a man’s eyes that get me.

But sometimes there can be something on a man’s face that detracts from his eyes. Thin lips. Short chin. These things are distracting and I can’t get past them to focus on his eyes. But the hipsters have solved all that. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed the trend sweeping the world. The gorgeous, heart pounding trend of facial hair.

I admit it. I’m a beard lover. There’s just something about lots of hair on a man’s face (and head) that makes my heart skip a beat. Technically it’s possibly something about the biological makeup of a woman who is attracted to a caveman-type man is something to do with that fact that she’s looking for someone to take care of her and provide for her and keep her family safe ensuring the survival of the species etc etc. But for me – a beard or stubble, even a saucy little moustache makes a man look rugged and manly and all sorts of mysterious while allowing me to focus on his eyes.

So allow me to present you with my Beard Appreciation List of Men with Awesome Facial Hair and Skin-Tingling Eyes. You’re welcome.

1.      Khan Porter
Crossfitter, athlete and motivator. Khan is rockin’ the stubble and mo in this picture. He is. If you’d just look up a little, away from the amaze-beans ab situation you would see it.

2.      Michael Dorman
Gorgeously cheeky Australian actor. My secret (ie. In my own head) love affair with Michael Dorman started when he was in a little known and let’s face – pretty bad – TV series called Wild Boys as seen here. He was the inspiration for my ‘Bushranger phase.’ Oh yes, that’s a thing.

3.      Ryan Corr
Wait. Hang on…just let me breathe before I tell you about Ryan Corr. Ryan is another Australian Actor who is reppin a very neat and tailored beard and moustache situation here. But those eyes…I mean…I literally can’t even…

4.      David ‘Wolfman’ Williams
This handsome chap is the whole reason I have a thing for beards. I spotted him on a TV ad a few years ago and could not tear my eyes off him. Then – of course – I googled the crap out of him and found dozens and dozens of photos of him sporting a glorious, well-fed beard. And he was almost naked in most of the pics but that’s beside the point. It was the beard. I’m sure of it.

Whenever I discuss bearded men with my friends, there’s always a great debate – seems you’re either a beard lover or you ain’t – so which side of the fence do you sit on? 

What’s your stance on facial hair? Do you like it? Have you ever asked a man to grow a beard? Or cut one off? (WHAAAATTT??? NOOOOO!!) Whose your favourite Hairy Mister? 

Jennifer's latest book is Who's Calling The Shots and it will be available January 1st!

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  1. Ooh, Jennifer this is a difficult one! I like the stubble thing. I like a couple of days beard growth. But a full beard? I'm not sure how that would feel to kiss a man with a month or more bush?
    Plus my idea of it is so firmly rooted in the who,e Roald Dahl 'The Twits' where Mr Twit has things living in his, that I feel I might be a bit weirded out.....(books an appt with shrink to sort out Twits beard fear)

    1. Oh No Louisa! Things living in the beard is definitely not sexy! But Twits aside, in my opinion - once you go hairy - you can't go back! But I have to admit, there are plenty of clean shaven lads I'm crushing on too #notfussy

  2. I love bearded men ever since the first Trivago commercial with Christian Goran.