Monday, December 29, 2014

Male on Monday: Garrett Hedlund

Today Pink Heart Society editor and Superromance author Jeannie Watt offers us a look at Unbroken star Garrett Hedlund.

Garrett was born in Roseau Minnesota, where he grew  up on a cattle farm. 

When he was in ninth grade, the family moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. While in high school he ran track and field, wrestled and played football. He also took jazz dance classes in order to “get in touch with his 6’2 trapezoidal frame” according to a 12/14 In Style magazine article. The class was comprised of female cheerleaders and Garrett. He learned jazz hands, but wasn't too good at jetes.

He’s purported to be quite the gentleman and says “Knowing how to knot a bow tie is less important to me than opening a door for someone or just being polite.” He also has a work ethic dating back to his childhood when he had to do chores on the farm.

When he was 18, Garrett moved to LA to pursue an acting career. One month later he won his first role as Patraclus in Troy. Since then he’s worked steadily in such films as Friday Night Lights, Tron: Legacy,  and Country Strong. He sang Chances Are for the Country Strong soundtrack, and his performance was well received by critics. 
Country Strong


A few more quotes from Garrett's IMDB page:

"I've been told I'm too good looking for certain roles, but that's okay. It just motivates me to go deeper."

Concerning Friday Night Lights: "I grew up on a farm, and Lucas in the jungles of Alabama, so I think we adapted very well. It's just a lot that these guys are holding on their shoulders at such a young age. There's a lot they're dealing with, the town pressure or support, their home life, all that causes a sense of internal insecurities. These guys are realizing how crazy it is that they're going through all this at such a young age." 

And finally, the trailer from Unbroken:

So what do  you think? Is this not one hot guy?

Jeannie Watt writes fast paced, character driven stories for Harlequin Superromance. To learn more about Jeannie and her books, please visit her website.