Monday, December 01, 2014

Male on Monday - Alfred Enoch

This week, the Pink Heart Society's Male on Monday is brought to you by Ali Williams who is bewailing the fact that How To Get Away With Murder is currently having a midseason break.  Predominantly because that means no Alfred Enoch til the spring...

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved the Harry Potter movies.  There was magic, adventure and women who kicked arse.

She saw all the films, as fans do, despaired at changes made and characters left out - including Dean Thomas in the penultimate film.

And then came the final Harry Potter film in which Alfie Enoch (aka Dean Thomas) was now in his 20s.

And that's when it all changed.  

Since the end of the Harry Potter movie franchise, Enoch has spent a fair amount of time on stage, including acting alongside Tom Hiddleston in Shakespeare's Coriolanus where he put in a strong performance and held his own against Hiddleston (I saw it live and was blown away by how good he was):

The intensity of the play is shared among the whole cast, not least...Alfred Enoch's deeply involved and concerned Titus Lartius. - What's On Stage

He's also made some notable appearances on British television, including on Sherlock's most recent series, where he played a doomed, but incredibly hot, guardsman.

But this year he has taken on his most acclaimed role yet - that of Wes Gibbons in Shonda Rhimes' How To Get Away With Murder.

The show is all about appearances and the complexity of relationships, as well as intertwining the main narrative with a series of flashbacks that reveal the murder of the title.

Enoch himself, has discussed exactly why he thinks the series works: 

It’s fascinating to me as an individual to see how people get to where they are, and it’s fun to see how people are not who they may at first appear to be. I think that’s one of the things that drew me to the script in the first place. - InStyle

His performance is nuanced and intense, especially when we consider that the timeline of the show means that he has to jump back and forth between different versions of Wes for filming.

And then, of course, there's that shirtless scene...  

I'd like to leave you with the original trailer for HTGAWM, and to urge you to go watch it now if you haven't seen it yet!  You've got some time before the second half of the season begins...

 Have you been watching How To Get Away With Murder?  What do you think of Alfie Enoch's performance?

Ali Williams grew up in Croydon and spent her teenage years in a convent girls' school. She then fled to university where she discovered champagne cocktails, a capella singing and erotica.

These days she blogs about perceptions of romance, chick lit and women in society and spends an extraordinary amount of time coercingmale friends to pose with her favourite Mills & Boon books to the bemusement of the Twittersphere.

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  1. I'm so hooked on How To Get Away With Murder!! It's a great set up for a show, although I'll be interested to see how they carry it forward once the initial 'incident' is all wrapped up.

    1. It's amazing, right?! Though yeah, part of me feels that it should be a one season show...