Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday Fun - Christmas Songs

Harlequin Blaze author, Katherine Garbera is here at the Pink Heart Society today, to talk about her favourite Christmas songs - and she's got a very Christmassy GIVEAWAY for one lucky reader!!

I’m one of the lucky ones who have a large family and has always had wonderful Christmases.  Even after I was divorced and had to spend every other Christmas without my kids, which was heartbreaking for me as they were 15 and ten, I still enjoyed the holidays with them.

I find my joy in the actual holiday season.  Sure I love getting up at five a.m. with my kids (they still do this!) and opening presents but I also enjoy singing Christmas songs with them every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  One of my favourite songs is one I never really thought much of until my daughter was a toddler and started singing along with the radio.  The song is Feliz Navidad.  In case you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a very up tempo song that has lyrics in Spanish and in English.

But instead of singing Feliz Navidad my sweet little Courtney was singing "at least my name’s da."  I loved it. When I tried correcting her, she informed me I was wrong and continued singing her version for years.  Now every time I hear that song even when she’s in the US and I’m in the UK I feel closer to her. 

My son’s favourite holiday song is one by Lou Monte—he’s an Italian American singer from the 50s and he recorded Domenick the Donkey.  Lucas loved that song, maybe because of the braying or maybe because he listened to it with his grandma.  It is a really fun song that is about a donkey who helps Santa deliver presents.  One of my favorite memories about this song is when Lucas was on the radio asking them to play his favorite song.  

My personal favorite song has always been O Come, O Come EmmanuelI can remember hearing it for the first time sung by our Irish priest Father Smith at a Christmas Eve vigil mass.  He had a beautiful voice and that song just resonated with me and still does.  To me it has always reflected the real reason for all the celebrating we do at this time of the year.

What about you?  Do you have a favorite Christmas song?  Let me know to be entered to win a copy of UNDER THE MISTLETOE my latest release from Harlequin Blaze.

Katherine's latest release encapsulates the perfect saucy Christmas entanglement:

A red-hot festive fling!

Two weeks of no-strings naughtiness. That's all wealthy businessman Will Spalding wants for Christmas. That's all he ever wants from a relationship. He didn't expect to find it at the Lars Usten Lodge in snowy Utah, until the cute little blonde next door almost whacked him in the head with her cell phone.

Hooking up with a handsome stranger is exactly what event planner Penny Devlin needs to put her obnoxious ex out of her mind forever. In fact, Will may just be the best Christmas present she's ever given herself! But as the holidays work their magic, Penny realizes Will has found a place in her heart, not just her bed. How can she carry on, knowing he's determined to walk away when their two weeks are up?

You can find out more about Katherine's writing at her website, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates!


  1. Bing Crosby's White Christmas. Gets me every time....

  2. Way, way back when I was wee, I loved Mud singing Lonely this Christmas. Now it makes me laugh, but in a nice way