Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Talk Time: Meeting the Faces Behind the Voices that Bring Me Joy!

The Pink Heart Society's superfan Desere Steenberg is talking all about what it's like to meet those authors you've always loved and admired...
Recently the lovely South African author Romy Sommer invited me to attend the first ever Romance Writers of South Africa ( ROSA) convention.
It was an experience I shall never forget! I got to meet the faces behind the voices of the people who bring me heartache, joy, passion, intrigue and characters I fall in love with over and over again. 
First there was the lovely Marie Dry, who writes for Black Opal Books, her latest release Alien Mine, is a paranormal like no other. Alien warriors taking what and who they want all wrapped up in a sizzling hot romance. 
Next up I met the amazing HarperImpulse author Romy Sommer, she writes the books all little girls dreams are made of. Weddings, beautiful fairy tale dresses and handsome princes, but with much more of a kick, trust me this author makes Snow White's Prince Charming look like a mere schoolboy. 
Of course every one that knows me, knows how much I adore my Mills and Boon reads, so of course I was over the moon delighted to meet the one, the only, fabulous Joss Wood! If you need to escape into a world of hot , arrogant men, strong and feisty heroine's set in utterly gorgeous locations, pick up a Joss Wood book, you will never look back. Getting all tongue tied when I spoke to her, is a story for another day , because let's face it I don't think I have ever been that embarrassed. 
I also met some faces I never heard of before, which am happy to report are now on my radar! First up was Jo Watson, a SYTYCW winner, who writes the most captivating stories. There was also the incredibly talented Erich Viedge, a man of many talents and remarkable ideas. I would love to list all the other many wonderful authors, but this post will simply then have no end. 
Now on to what I learned , everything and anything I ever wanted to know about the authors who's stories have captured my heart and taken me on voyages I shall never forget. Most importantly I learned all about the intricate process authors have to go through before us readers/ fans get that very shiny end product.

From the first spark of an idea, to writing it down, building the plot, shaping the characters to taking the reader into the heart of their minds. But that's not all, no authors have to go through a lot of twists and turns after they write those magical words " The End". 
Rejection after rejection, editing, deleting complete scenes, renaming of characters, being told the book is just not good enough, finding agents and publishers willing to take a chance, the list goes on and on.  
It a long, hard road author have to walk before us readers get to sit down and be transported into a world of romance and glam. Therefore with this post I would like to thank each and every author for their persistence, hard work and courage! And for those that have not reached our shelves yet: "Keep pushing, never give up one day it will be worth it!"
Tell us in the comments if you've ever met any of the authors whose books you have read. Did you get all tongue tied like I did? Or did you ever stop to think about the process they have to go through before you get to escape with one of their books?


  1. I loved meeting everyone at the conference too. All the authors I interacted with online I can now link to an actual person in my mind. In 2010 I attended the RNA conference in Wales and I got to meet Sara Craven. I would love to say I acted cool and collected and had a lovely conversation. The reality is I regressed into a stuttering fan girl. I will always remember that as a great moment in my life.

  2. When I attended RWA National in San Antonio in July, I had several fan girl moments. When I first met Abby Green who writes wonderful stories for Harlequin Presents I kept saying "You're Abby Green" over and over again. And then I was in an elevator with Julie James and I asked her if she was THE Julie James. She laughed and said she thought so. I took it a step further and asked if she was THE Julie James who created the wonderful and sexy Jack Pallas.

  3. I haven't yet and the thought of doing so freaks me out a bit! Bet you had a blast Desere! What an awesome opportunity!

  4. It was a pleasure meeting you in person too, Desere! I met loads of authors at the two RNA conferences I attended and was in awe of a lot of them. The one that stands out most of all, though, was meeting Lucy King when she visited South Africa - such a lovely lady!

  5. Great post Desere. Sounds like you had an amazing time!