Thursday, November 13, 2014

Time Out Thursday - The Travel Bug

Stefanie London's talking all about how she's been bit by the travel bug on the Pink Heart Society today...

I started travelling quite late compared to a lot of my friends. Instead of backpacking around Europe after graduation I bought a house at 23 with my now husband, J. Instead of saving my pennies for a trip to Bali or Thailand I budgeted to stretch our money across mortgage payments, groceries and bills.

It was really tough to watch our friends go out exploring the world while we carried this huge financial burden at such a young age. However, we saved and saved to squeeze a few trips in here and there.

My first ever overseas trip was to Hawaii. I still remember it vividly even though it feels like a very long time ago. We had our fill of cheap American shopping, tried as many flavours as we could handle at The Cheesecake Factory, went snorkelling in a reef and had the time of our lives at a luau.

In the next few years I managed to get to Europe – which was my dream overseas trip. I went to London, England and did all the touristy things like visiting Buckingham Palace, going to the museum and shopped at places like the Spitalfield Markets and Liberty London. The most exciting thing I did, however, was trek out to the suburbs of London and find the house that my mother grew up in. Talk about surreal!

Paris was also amazing, I like to refer to my time there as the 'Macaron Tour of Paris' because I feel like I lived on those tiny, sweet treats. This may or may not be because I spent almost all of my money in London (overestimating how much I had left on my travel card) and so I chose to spend my money on food instead of train tickets. We walked everywhere and cafe hopped around the city.

Over the next few years J and I visited Fiji (for our honeymoon) where we did a lot of swimming, drinking cocktails by the pool and taking photos of the amazing tropical flowers there. We also visited friends in Singapore and had a weekend trip to Penang in Malaysia, which I loved.

But travelling from Australia is very expensive. I’m originally from Melbourne and it’s a place I love dearly but I yearned to see the rest of the world. I’d done my time being ‘sensible’ and I was ready for adventure. So J and I packed our bags and moved to what feels like the farthest possible point from home, Canada.

Now we’re settled into our new home in Toronto and travel is on the cards more than ever! We’ve already managed two mini-jaunts outside our new hometown; one to Buffalo and one to Montreal. I’m really enjoying being able to do these amazing weekends away for a fraction of the cost of what it would be at home (travel within Australia is also horribly expensive!)

So what places are on our list? Well, New York is right up the top and followed closely by San Francisco, New Orleans, Vancouver, Las Vegas and Seattle. Plus Europe is only a measly eight hours away…so why not go there too?

I’ll be posting a lot of my travel adventures on my Instagram page (because I’m ADDICTED to that app!) so feel free to follow me there to see what adventures we have in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? What the best trip you’ve ever been on or do you have any travel recommendations for us?

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  1. Living in Canada sounds fantastic and I'd love to re-visit New York, we had a ball there.

    I just recently returned form Israel which was amazing and I'd love to go back and see more. If you're a history buff, like me, then that's the place to go. We visited Jaffa which is the world's oldest port (still being used) and is 5000 years old! Amazing :)

    Plus the food, inched coffee and halva are delish!

    Enjoy your time away :)

    1. Wow, that sounds like an absolutely amazing trip! I must admit I'm not much of a history buff but that sounds like a breath-taking place to visit. I bet the food was delicious!

  2. I love travel and have done enough of it to be classified as a world citizen. And North America is right up there for gorgeousness, so you are in a brilliant place for exploring! One of the best family trips I ever did was western Canada, including an overnight on the bubble train, and then a drive through the spectacular Rocky Mountains from Canada and into the USA, all the way down until we got to Las Vegas. I'm a mountain girl as opposed to a beach girl (weird for a Sydney-sider) and that was just heavenly.

    1. I'm like you - not a beach girl at all! The Rocjy Mountains is definitely something we want to see while we're here - that whole area looks incredible. I've heard the train through that area is great.