Saturday, November 22, 2014

The #3Amigas: Nina Milne - Slowing Down Enough to Pat My Own Back

We're super excited to have Nina Milne, one of the #3Amigas back on the Pink Heart Society to continue talking about her writing journey.  And she bringing a GIVEAWAY along with her...

So as one of the #3Amigas charting my writing journey I sat down and had a think about the meaning of the word ‘journey’.

Two clicks later and:

Noun: An act of travelling from one place to another

Verb: Travel somewhere:

So this made me think about my destination…am I travelling towards a specific ‘place’ or am I travelling ‘somewhere’?

When I started writing my goal was publication with Mills & Boon and I (eventually) got there.

But where am I headed now the KISS line has gone Kaput? Well I suppose my new destination is the land of More Publication but I now realise that if I am lucky enough to get there that doesn’t mean the journey stops because I’ll always want the ‘Next Publication’.

So this made me think even more (and yes my brain was hurting) and I thought about a conversation that happens in the Milne household all the time:

Scene: Leaving a theme park - Rides have been ridden, sweets have been consumed, pocket money has been spent.

We all get in the car. I sit back and polish my maternal halo at achieving a successful family day out (my internal editor has erased bickering, squabbling, endless queues and the ‘No I won’t buy you an enormous toy for a gazillion pounds but look at this lovely pencil you can buy with your £3...’ conversation  discussion  embarrassing tantrum).

Me: That was really fun!

Kid 1: It was really cool. Thanks Mum. (Doesn’t even pause for breath) When we get home can I have Josh round for a sleepover?

Kid 2: It was really cool. Thanks Mum. (Doesn’t even pause for breath)  Kitty just texted - when we get home can I go round to hers for a sleepover

Kid 3:  It was really cool. Thanks Mum. (Doesn’t even pause for breath) Can I go on the X-box when we get home?

Me: Whoa! Can’t we just stop and appreciate what a good time we had before moving onto the next thing?

So you see where I am going with this? I am just as bad as my kids…

Because I have been so busy thinking/worrying/stressing about what’s next that I have forgotten to appreciate the achievement of my KISS books.

To the point that I had pretty much ignored the fact that my second book was about to be released – how ridiculous is that? The goal, the destination I worked who knows how many pairs of fluffy socks off for years and I’m so busy thinking about my journey that I’m not happy about a book that I loved writing. Not just loved but laboured over, expended blood, sweat and tears on….

So yes of course I need to work towards the future – I do want a writing career and I do want More Publication but – if this is an ongoing journey then sometimes I need to stop and have a rest and appreciate the miles I’ve covered…rather than be in permanent travel mode towards a constantly moving goalpost.

So right here and now I need to be proud of past milestones in particular book number 2. Because my characters deserve it and I deserve it too. So excuse me whilst I pat myself on the back and put some fizz in the fridge…release day is approaching and I have a milestone to celebrate.


I have a copy of Breaking the Boss’s Rules to give away. To be in with a chance, just leave a comment. About milestones or fluffy socks or both. Or neither - any comment will count!

Joe McIntyre’s three rules of dating:

1. Never Mix Business and Pleasure

2. One Night Only

3. Never Look Back

Imogen Lorrimer knows that her temporary boss is completely wrong for her – so why does he insist on appearing in her dreams… naked? Perhaps it’s time for Imo to try out his infamous dating rules herself… ?

One business trip to Paris later and they can kiss goodbye to Rule One. Then Imo agrees to be Joe’s plus-one at a wedding… Sticking to Rule Two and Rule Three is hard enough already – on the sun-drenched shores of the Algarve it’s going to be impossible!

Nina lives in Sussex, England with her husband and three children. Prior to becoming an author, she worked as an accountant and a recruitment consultant. To find out more you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Excellent advice. My husband only just said to me this morning that I should stop and think how far I've come in a short space of time - but I nevertheless want to race to the next goalpost. Impatience - one of my worst character flaws.

  2. You and me both Avril. My husband and I have the same conversation!! I find it so hard to stop. And your husband is right - you have achieved so much! So stop, pat yourself on the back.... and then keep going so I can read more of your books! Nina x

  3. Funnily enough, I saw on FB this morning, a poster that read, "Some people are too busy worrying about how far they have to go, that they forget to look and see at how far they've already come."
    Happy publication day xx

    1. Think I may print that out and stick it on my computer! Thanks Louisa! Nina xx