Sunday, November 16, 2014

NaNoWriMo -- Week 2 update

Here is where we take a peek into how the second week went for our volunteers/victims. Is the writing beginning to take its toll? What is happening?

Michelle Styles -- I spent the week feeling vaguely guilty that I wasn't working on my Nanowrimo project, but I did manage to get the revisions done. Revisions come first. Luckily they were straight forward in a good but challenging way.
They are now with my editor. This means I have no excuse not to go full steam ahead with  Nanowrimo. It is back to avoiding social media and using an alarm to keep writing. As I was at 17.5 k when the revisions hit, there is every possibility that I can still make my Nanowrimo goal but it will be tough.
And getting back intot he swing is tough. I managed 1,500 but it took me time to reacquaint myself with my characters.

So how is everyone doing?

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