Sunday, November 02, 2014

NaNoWriMo ~ The Race Is ON!

Every Sunday throughout November, The Pink Heart Society will be bringing you NaNoWriMo updates from our merry little band of victims volunteers.

For those who might not know, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is an annual event which starts on November 1st, when participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30th. 

We've nicknamed it #NaNoRomMo and will be writing like the wind in an attempt to head into what will hopefully be a romance novel-shaped sunset.

So who is undertaking this challenge for us?

Trish Wylie ~ I'm a Nano virgin. It's one of those things which I've always viewed with the same level of fear as bungee jumping or parachuting (and yes, heights are a serious problem for me). 

Why am I doing it this year? One word: Routine. By forcing myself to sit down at the keyboard and produce 1666 words a day for thirty days, I'm hoping to bump-start the writing habit which seems to have died on me over the last few years. There won't be time to procrastinate by attempting to make every word perfect before I continue. There won't be time to move single words up and down the page. This is rough first draft territory and its all about hitting that daily word-count. I need to remember how to do that, even if my current record for a finished manuscript stands at six weeks...

What did I do to prepare? All the usual stuff like choosing pics for my hero and heroine, thinking up a premise, researching the setting/what they do for a living, etc. And then I did some in-depth character outlining and jotted down some ideas for scenes which could help move the story forward. Oh, and I bought coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

You can follow Trish's daily progress on Facebook and TwitterTo find out how she did on her first day, check the comments.

Ali Williams ~ I've headed into November with the intention of trying NaNo twice; both times I failed miserably when real life got in the way.

Why am I doing it this year? I've never finished a manuscript before, and I'd pretty much given up before inspiration struck me earlier this month.  So when Trish said she wanted people to blog about NaNo, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to force myself to stick to it. Plus I simply can't let my characters down; I'm too invested in them at this stage!  The hardest thing for me is to just keep going and to not edit as I go along.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so that'll be interesting...

What did I do to prepare? I've listened to and made copious notes on The Hero's 2 Journeys, a masterclass in narrative structure by Michael Hauge and Christopher Vogler; written in-depth character sheets for Doug and Cressie;and outlined the first chapter, so I've got sumat to work with when I start. 

Ali is going to try and avoid procrastinating on Facebook and Twitter, but you'll probably find her camped out there anyway.  To find out how she's getting on, check the comments.

Michelle Styles ~ Like Trish, I'm a Nano virgin or rather I've thought about doing it several times but always found an excuse why not to. This time, however, the fates aligned and as long as my editor does not return her thoughts during November, I'm in (complete with daily word count posting -- the thing which scares me the most.). 

Why this year? Trish mentioned that she and Ali were going to do this and were there any other willing victims. I had just realised that  the story I thought I would be writing (having started in mid-Oct so no temptation of doing  NaMoWriMo and a ready excuse) was in fact the sequel and there was a golden opportunity for a first book. It also meant I could put off writing for a few weeks while I did some prep and really got to know my characters plus had some semblance of an outline. So I decided I was in. And I want to do the first draft of an HH so for me that is 63k or thereabouts.

What did I do to prepare? I did some character consideration and did a basic synopsis. Not too much as I find it can ruin my flow. I have to know enough to go forward but not so much that I lose interest. 

You can follow Michelle's progress on Facebook and Twitter. To find out how she did on the first day, see the comments below.

Donna Alward ~ Hi, I’m Donna and I’m attempting my…well, I don’t know the number, to be honest. Each year I get on the NaNo bandwagon only to have something crop up – usually in the form of revisions of an earlier book or November falls in between deadlines or something. And I end up putting my NaNo count aside to finish what must be done first.

But this year I am revision free, so in November my word count will be made up of a novella I have due in December and then whatever words I get on my next book for Harlequin American. Other than the possibility of galleys arriving, I should be in the clear. I’ll be updating each week – hopefully – with my progress! So, first up – a fun little story titled “NOTHING LIKE A COWBOY”.

Keep up with Donna and her NaNo progress on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the comments below to see how she's got on!

Are you attempting NanoWriMo this year? Is it something you've thought about but never tried? What about tips you might have for our participants? As always, let us know in the comments!


  1. First day = 1004 words. They are good words and it is fine to start slow. The key is to remember that it is the making it over the finish line/deadline that counts, not the first day. Or that is what I am telling myself. Okay off to write some more.

  2. I'm forcing myself to do it this year, too, after watching from the sidelines for years. It's the no-editing bit I'll struggle with, but I'm determined to do it, as I want to increase my output.

  3. Good luck everyone! My first book was conceived on my lunch break at work day one of Nano 2012 and I made it to 32k during the month :) Unfortunately both last year and this year I've had to bow out due to revisions on existing manuscripts but I'll be cheering everyone on x

  4. Day One: 1924 words. However, day two = 0 so far. I've hita block already!!Ls

  5. 1667 my first day, gonna hit today's count in about an hour. :)

  6. 2324 so far, though I had to stop for a while to do horse related things. Am really enjoying it, which I'm taking to be a good sign!