Monday, November 03, 2014

Male on Monday - Lee Pace

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom's back at The Pink Heart Society, and is petitioning to make #MaleonMonday #ElfonMonday...blame Lee Pace!!

I’m here to talk about a male that I’m a fan of, and since I can’t talk about my husband (what happens in this household stays in this household) I’ve chosen to share with you a very personal FAN GIRL moment… probably the only one since my teen years.

Yep. I liked this guy I’m presenting to you when I first saw him starring in a show on TV, and decided he should be a character one of my books. I saw him again a few more times, and that solidified my interest in his looks and acting abilities.

But it wasn’t until I saw him in the last Hobbit movie that I really had that h-o-t and fan-yourself moment, and every time I see the poster from that movie, my inner elf squirms with glee.

It is, of course, LEE PACE.

Thirty-five years old. Six-foot-three. Brown hair. Light eyes. Born in Oklahoma.

The TV show I’m talking about was “Pushing Daisies.” And if you didn’t see that show, you missed out on the freshest thing on television in a long time. Thank heavens for Netflix!

Lee has had a long list of television, stage, and movie parts. You might not have recognized him in his latest to hit the big screen, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but his new TV series is “Halt and Catch Fire.”

Lee is eye candy without being overdone. He can look different in each film, and always gives a terrific performance. BUT…. BUT…. BUT…..

As Thranduil, Elven lord in the Hobbit movies, he is truly, unabashedly BEAUTIFUL!

Yet… when I start to think about this ELF thing, I could be persuaded to realize that a long silver wig and some ears might make any guy drool-worthy. Case in point, the fainting spells fan gals have had for Legolas in the Lord of the Rings movies. Not for Orlando Bloom, per se, but for the Elf on the Lord of the Rings shelf. 

I guess I am a true elf girl at heart… at least for the way Peter Jackson, director of these movies, has costumed them. Still, and whatever – there it is. My fan girl moment, presented to you for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. Please let me know if you feel the same.

Since I mostly write paranormal romance novels for Nocturne, with some urban fantasy, some historicals and a new contemporary romance from HQ Desire titled “The Boss’s Mistletoe Maneuvers” (say that fast five times) that comes out TOMORROW - November 4th - Mr. Pace is an inspiration for lighting up my imagination.

So, thank you, Lee.

Yes, sir-ee.

Love that crown… and those ears.

And those eyes.


Are you an elf fan or does some other mythical creature light your fire? What about Lee Pace - are you a fan? As always, let us know in the comments!

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  1. I love Lee Pace and Pushing Daisies is an all time favorite that is fun to watch over and over. I also like Lee in the movie The Fall, although I admit it was pretty sad.

  2. Hi Carol - thanks for seconding the fan session on Lee. *This wasn't the film clip I added to the post.... that one was terrific and showcased Lee to the max. I have it posted on my FB page - if you'd like to see something really swell.... it's on my profile page, not my author page, but I highly recommend watching it - it's only about twenty-five seconds long - and really really SEXY! Scroll down to find it!

  3. Carol - here it is! Cut and paste in your browser for a THRILL!