Monday, November 24, 2014

Male on Monday: Jimmy Fallon

Donna Alward is back for a Male on Monday that is perhaps a little unconventional, but with a certain funny-bone appeal...

When I was trying to come up with a Male on Monday candidate, I thought of all the actors etc. that have tickled my fancy lately. Tom Hiddleston. Stephen Amell. Any of the Avengers. But they've been done, really, and suddenly it hit me. Who do I see nearly every day in my FB feed? Who makes me laugh, who is really talented, and kinda sexy to boot?

Easy. Jimmy Fallon.

I think Fallon is A-MAZ-ING. He can sing, he can dance, he can make me laugh, he can laugh at himself, put his guests at ease, and is game for anything. And he's good looking. WOW, right? Not bad for a boy from Brooklyn who grew up loving SNL. And while comedy is his thing, it's neat to see him in guest roles too. Who knew he'd end up being a jeep driver in an episode of Band of Brothers, for example?

Pictures really don't do him credit, so instead I'm going to post some Youtube clips that I just adore. Because it's not all about the looks. What makes a man sexy and Male On Monday worthy? I think a sense of humour with a dash of humility and a good helping of intelligence goes a long way.

And if you haven't seen the alter-egos of Sara-with-an-h and will, (AKA mir,, have a watch and prepare to laugh.

And for something just a little more serious, an emotional Jimmy paying tribute to Robin Williams.

Who do pops up on your newsfeed everyday?  Is Jimmy Fallon your favourite late night show host?  And do you prefer funny over traditionally good-looking?

Donna's latest release is THE COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS GIFT, the first in her Crooked Valley Ranch trilogy from Harlequin American:

Returning to Crooked Valley is more terrifying than the battlefield to ex-soldier Duke Duggan. Still, Duke has an important reason to be back—to take control of his late grandfather's ranch. But being thrown headfirst into his old life makes Duke feel like a fish out of water. That is, until he sees Carrie Coulter again. Twenty years may have passed but the chemistry between them is stronger than ever.

When Duke threatens to sell the ranch, Carrie, the foreman, realizes she could lose her livelihood. But no decisions will be made until after the holidays. Until then, they have time to explore the feelings that draw them to each other. Together, can they come up with a way to keep the ranch…and the burning love between them?

Find out more about Donna Alward at her website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Did not know of Jimmy Fallon, seems like a laugh. Fave talk show host in the UK is definitely Graham Norton.

  2. I LOVE him! If you haven't seen Fever Pitch, you've got to! My girls and I love it! So glad he is doing the Tonight Show now.