Monday, November 10, 2014

Male On Monday - Chace Crawford

Today on the Pink Heart Society, Jennifer Faye is talking about the swoonworthiness of the delicious Chace Crawford...

Being a romance author, I'm always on the lookout for a face, a look, that strikes a cord in my imagination. And it is always an adventure. LOL. Being chosen to do a Male On Monday post, I got to do a little digging and learn about the man behind the face...

Christopher “Chace” Crawford is a Texas born hottie.

He’s known to the viewing public and his adoring fans as Chace Crawford. Having got his big break on the teen hit show, Gossip Girl, he’s now a rising star movie star.

Though he got his break as a teen heartthrob have no worries ladies, he isn’t as young as you might suspect. He’s actually twenty-nine years old, plenty old enough to garner a second glance. LOL.

In addition, expect to see those cute dimples and amazing baby blues in a number of upcoming big screen pictures which includes Undrafted and he landed the lead role in the psychological thriller, Eloise. And that’s just the beginning. Apparently this young man has a lot more than just good looks going for him so keep your eye out for him as he has other projects in the works…

He’s already landed himself the lead in an independent feature film MOUNTAIN MEN, which started shooting this year. In the film he and his brother set off on a journey to find their father and in the process get trapped. The only way out is by working together, which wouldn’t be so bad if the brothers got along. Sounds like a lot of conflict to me. ;-)

And ladies if that isn’t quite enough, at last check, he was unattached. So maybe if you write to Santa, he’ll drop you Chace in your stocking next month. ;-)

In the meantime, the heroine of my current release, A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS, just had a very sexy guy with an adorable accent dropped in her stocking. And to top it off, he’s a prince. But Reese’s life has recently been turned upside down by secrets coming to light and ending up on the bad end of a romance so she isn’t as overjoyed by Prince Alex as you might imagine.

But who can resist a charming guy with great looks like Chace or Prince Alex???

Just in time to get you in the holiday spirit, Jennifer's new release, A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS, is available now!

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  1. Thanks Angela! I really, really enjoyed writing his story. :-)

  2. I remember Chace from my Gossip Girl-watching days, he's gorgeous...although Chuck Bass was more my hottie of choice ;)

    1. Stefanie, thanks for stopping by. Now I must go Google Chuck Bass. ;-) Hope you're having a good weekend. :-)