Tuesday, November 04, 2014

FOUNDERS DAY : How Time Flies

Today we welcome another of our beloved Pink Heart Society Founders. What has happened to them in the last eight years? How have their lives changed? Where are they now and what are they doing? Ally Blake is the next of our fabulous four to answer those questions.

Wow.  Has it really been eight years since the Pink Heart Society first launched upon the world, celebrating little books with big hearts?

Yikes.  that means the author photo on my website is...  No, we won't go there.  I look exactly that wrinkle-free every day as I wake with the dawn.

But back to the good old days.  Back to the start of an era.

Natasha Oakley, Nicola Marsh, Trish Wylie and I all sold our first books to Harlequin Romance at nearly the same time and wide-eyed as to the journey we were about to embark upon we found in each other found a small band of confidants and supporters...  Okay, so we were a hilarious crew of ratbags determined to take the chance we'd been given and run with it.

Turned out that not only did we love writing short form romance we loved reading it too. And soon found thousands, millions of readers all over the world felt the same way.  So, being that we lived on opposite sides of the word ourselves, we decided it would be nice to have a single place we could all come to celebrate, to share the love.

With Miss Trish leading the way The Pink Heart Society was born.

And gosh am I proud that it's going strong today.  With members and subscribers and viewers - lovers of short romantic fiction, in short :) - from all over the globe coming together to revel in such an uplifting, invigorating, inspiring past-time.

So while The Pink Heart Society has been going fro strength to strength, I've been up to some stuff too.

Since that time I've:
- discovered Pilates and Yoga (tried running once and tore ligaments in my knee - it's a sign!)
- travelled all over the world (including London where I met my lovely first editor and other far flung locales I've been able to use in my books)
- had three babies (who are now 6, 5 and 3 - though he'll insist to the dying of the light that he's 4)
-  moved interstate (phew!)
- published 30 books (including 25 with Harlequin Mills and Boon and with over three million copies sold worldwide)
- written an interactive Facebook page with a romantic storyline for a sparkling wine company  (50 Days With Rose now free on iTunes)
- branched out to write for three separate publishers (including Second Chance Honeymoon with Holiday Books and the first in a fab rock star trilogy for Entangled Publishing called Resisting the Musician alongside Christine Bell and Robin Covington)
- gone from figuring out how to build my own website for fun to launching AllyOop Designs - a graphic design business creating ebook covers, websites, bookmarks, business cards, social media ads and the like, catering to fellow writers as well as myriad unrelated businesses.

But something that hasn't changed is that I still love writing and reading little romances with big hearts as much today as I did then.
Congrats on your first eight years, PHS!   You'll always have a place in my heart.
Love Ally


As the weather turns cold up north (or even as it burns hot below the equator!) Ally's latest stories - Second Chance Honeymoon and Her Hottest Summer Yet - will transport you somewhere warm and yummy.

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  1. You've achieved so much in that time - what an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your journey with us, it's all so scary when you're starting out so I love seeing how far other writers have come :)