Monday, October 20, 2014

Male On Monday - Jake Ballard aka Scott Foley

Today at The Pink Heart Society, columnist Jenna Bayley-Burke extols the virtues of Scandal's Jake Ballard, who is played by actor, Scott Foley.

Do not be fooled by his appearance on TV's Scandal

Jake Ballard is as vivid as any book boyfriend in romancelandia. Because really, you wouldn't want to run into him in real life. Unless it is in a bedroom. For an hour.

Jake Ballard strode onto the screen on Scandal with a purpose - learn all he can about Olivia Pope. And has he ever, inside and out. This soldier has made it his mission to protect her, body and soul. The only thing more attractive than that is the way he looks in full military dress. Or shirtless. Both equally effective.

Played by actor Scott Foley, who I've crushed on forever, Jake had an edge over President Grant from the beginning. Smart, hot, and without that pesky adultery thing that annoys me to no end.
Why is the most powerful female lead on television settling for less? Star-crossed lovers and twisted motivations aside, Olivia Pope is no one's side piece. That Jake Ballard realizes this is just one of the things I love about him.

I look for the romance in all stories - novels, television, movies, gossip at the grocery store. If it's not a romance, I'm likely making it one in my head. Jake Ballard is a beautiful bastard in many ways; he is the ideal romance hero.
The soldier. The spy. The lover. The protector. The sexy guy wearing nothing on the beach but a smile. Complicated, determined, and yet gentle enough to look at his woman and say, "Save me."

Let's all share a sigh, shall we?

Do you watch Scandal? Are you a Jake Ballard fan? What is it about him that does it for you? And what about the actor who plays him-Scott Foley? Are you a long-time Scott fan? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Jake Ballard - not so much. But Scott Foley - OMG Yes! A thousand times yes! I loved him in the Unit. And I want to buy his sheets. (Seriously, the man is in a sheets campaign and I want to buy them.)