Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fun - This Is Halloween...

We're delighted to welcome Harlequin Nocturne author Michele Hauf to the Pink Heart Society, as she talks about being a paranormal author over Halloween.

Happy er…wait—I know it’s some special day today. Just give me a minute. It involves bats and ghosts, clowns and pumpkins, candy and spooks—right! Happy Halloween! 

Whew! I forget this day a lot because, well, I’m not much into Halloween.  And that confession always tends to surprise my readers.  I do write paranormal romance, after all.  Isn’t Halloween like, my big day?  Don’t I dress up and get into the mood of spooks and scares?  And why is that candy bowl suspiciously missing from beside my door?

I confess that Halloween probably doesn’t even make the top ten of my favorite holidays.  I’ve never been into it.  Sure, my mother made fabulously elaborate outfits (hand-sewn) for me and my brother when we were kids.  We walked the neighborhoods and collected our candy booty.  As a teen it was always fun to dress up and go out partying (no alcohol; sorry, I’m a teetotaler).  And when my kids were little I sent them out and did the obligatory handing-out-of-treats as well.  It is what is expected of you around this time of year.

But really?  I’d rather turn out all the lights, lock the front door, take my bowl of pumpkin seeds into the basement with me and watch Hocus Pocus.  (Okay, so I do have a favorite Halloween movie.)  I’m kind of over Halloween.  I don’t enjoy handing candy to kids.  (When I do hand out treats, it’s some kind of plastic toy, spider rings, bouncy balls, you know.)  And is it just me, or are the trick-or-treaters getting rather…tall, lately?  The holiday has become less for the little kids’ enjoyment.

But what are we really celebrating on Halloween anyway?  It’s the eve of All Saints Day, a day dedicated to remembering the dead.  (I do like that one.)  I’m not up on Samhain, but some celebrate that.  Whatever it is, it has morphed into a commercialized sugary-sweet means for zombie crawls, pumpkin smashes, and candybar pigouts.

I’m not trying to be a wet blanket about the holiday. I do love that some people embrace it with enthusiasm.  Some of the costumes are remarkable.  The parties can be fun with intricate yard decorations and spooky drinks and desserts.  And any holiday that reminds me to dig out Dracula and rewatch that can’t be all that bad, right?

So why, if I’m not into the holidays of spooks and paranormal creatures do I make a career out of writing about just such creatures?  I do adore any kind of creature who is not human.  Fangs, tails, or wings?  I’m there!  It adds that something extra to a story that I really crave.  But really, the stories are all about the hero and heroine and their relationship.  That is the core of any good paranormal story. Without the romance, it isn’t, well…a romance.  

But a romance with a werewolf adds that extra layer of mystery, tension, and wonder that I really enjoy reading about. And the vampire’s eternal curse that he must feed upon the one he loves to survive?  Classic.  So I’ll let everyone else do the candy and pumpkins.  I’ve got a date with a vampire today.  And maybe a faery.  Oh, and what about that sexy demon?  Hmm…witches anyone? 
My latest release is Ghost Wolf, which is about werewolves in Minnesota and features lots of snow and freezing temperatures that absolutely demand hot chocolate and snuggling.  It’s all about the romance, though. I promise!

What are your favourite Halloween rituals?  Are you dressing up for the holiday this year?

And do you have a favourite paranormal being?  Werewolves or vampires?  The fae or fallen angels?  Mermaids or witches?

To read more about Michele's books, stop by her website, follow her on Twitter and Facebook, as well as checking out her Pinterest and Tumblr.

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