Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday Fun - The Sea, with Kate Hardy

We're delighted to celebrate the fact that the lovely Kate Hardy is having her SIXTIETH novel published.

As we at the Pink Heart Society raise a glass in congratulations, Kate talks about one of her great loves...the sea.

I'm very fortunate in that I live near one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world - North Norfolk. It's been a bit of a stressy couple of weeks (family stuff), and when I'm stressed I just need to go to the sea.

This is sort of writing-related because the book I'm working on now starts on the beach in my part of the world :)

So on Sunday afternoon we went to Holkham. If you've ever seen 'Shakespeare in Love', then you've seen the exact beach. And it's as glorious in real life as it is in the movies.

Actually getting to the sea at Holkham means a bit of a walk first. (It's about a mile. We also did this the day before I was due to be induced with our firstborn, and DH spent the whole time panicking that I was going to go into labour...)

You start in the trees.

Then you get the fabulous view over the marshes.

This is the marshland - so pretty.

Then you get to follow a little channel all the way out to the sea.

Glorious - in fact you wouldn't believe it's the end of September, would you? (And yes, we DID go in and paddle in the North Sea. Utterly wonderful.)

But if you turn your back on the sea, you get a dramatic look back at the pine trees (believe it or not, there were literally ten seconds between taking these two shots!). Norfolk is blessed with amazing skies. I love the crepuscular rays in this shot.

When you've finished paddling and enjoying the flat, smooth sand, you can walk up to the tide line and see the shells. (There's usually a layer of seaweed around here, too.)

And it struck us on the way back, looking at the way the sea had carved out a channel in the sand - maybe this was how the Grand Canyon started. (All right, so that channel was about six inches deep rather than a mile or so, but you get what I mean. Tall oaks and acorns...)

Something disturbed the geese while we were walking back to the car park, so they all flapped around for a bit - it felt a bit like The Birds, but they were in the next field rather than above us so it was beautiful rather than scary!

And that, for me, was a perfect chill-out afternoon to get my head back in the right place :) 

Where is it that you go when you need to unwind?  Do you go to a particular place, or do you find yourself curling up in a chair with your favourite book?

Kate’s latest release is her sixtieth for Harlequin Mills and Boon, It Started With No Strings:

At a London salsa club, consultant Aaron Hughes catches sight of the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Relationships are off the cards for Aaron, but one night with this perfect stranger can't hurt… 

For registrar Joni Parker, dancing and champagne are a remedy to what-would-have-been-her-wedding-night blues. Until she discovers an even better cure—her first-ever fling! It started with no strings, but when Aaron walks into the hospital on Monday—as the new consultant!—things get a lot more complicated…

You can find out more about the book, and Kate, on her website and her blog - or find her on Facebook - plus she's having a Facebook party with lots of author guests to celebrate the launch of the book on 6 October, so do go over and join in the fun!


  1. Love the pictures. And congratulations on 60 books!

  2. I just have to go to my back porch. There's a small woods behind us. Right now, it's lit with the color of leaves turning.

    Happy 60th book!

    susan meier

  3. Hi Kate! What lovely pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour with you as my guide. I love the ocean, but I love trees, too. In fact my husband has mentioned that whenever I buy a new painting it has trees in it. I guess the quiet wonder of beautiful trees brings me peace. The most gorgeous view of all is of the tall redwoods in northern California. What splendor!

  4. Thanks, Liz, Susan and Lynne! Autumn (fall) is my favourite season, so I love the colours of the trees. Have only seen redwoods on TV, but they look amazing :)