Saturday, September 20, 2014

Writer's Workspace with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Today we are delighted to welcome Linda Thomas-Sundstrom to the Pink Heart Society, as she asks the questions:  Does a Writer’s Muse prefer a pretty office space?

Hello Pink Heart Society. I’m so happy to be here, with a post about my writing space, because the state of my office means the difference between creativity happening, or not.  Truly.

I have a resident Muse who is often with me and singing. But she requires a calm, well-kept place in order to do so. And for a writer who has a day job, aside from tight three month book deadlines, a tidy office is sometimes…. okay often... less than perfect.

Not even close to perfect.

When I have a book release, or one about to release, my office is a downright shame. So to keep the chaos at bay, I simply close the door. No one is allowed in.

My Dream Office
I write in an unused bedroom on the second floor of our house. It’s my private, personal space, and I can do with it whatever I choose. I have a small desk that holds my computer and some notes, and not much else. All over the walls beside it are scotch-taped papers and sticky notes of things I can’t forget. Right above my computer is a large, original poster from the Lord of the Rings trilogy that says “Come to Middle Earth.” Bookshelves line two other walls, stuffed to the gills, and then there’s a wall of some of my own favorite book covers, framed.

My system for keeping track of when ads go up, and when blog posts are due, and who has been sent review copies of the books, is to lay papers out in columns, on the carpet. I cannot manage things unless I can easily see them. Unless I can step over them. No computer spreadsheets will do it for me. My brain just isn’t wired that way.

My Muse does not appreciate this. Sometimes I have to blindfold her, or bribe her with champagne and chocolate cookies to stay, because there’s little room for her to pace. But I do have plans for redecorating, and will eventually (or not) hope to get to it… in my free (!) time.

What Could Be...
This post contains some pictures of what I feel is the perfect office, and a snapshot of what my office might look like if I don’t do that remodel soon. But you know, I can only write here, where I am sitting now. Not in a café, or in a lobby somewhere, or even in a hotel when I’m travelling. So I do believe this office, in whatever state it’s in, holds some magical power for me. And that, my friends, is pure author bliss.

My latest book, out this month, is from Harlequin’s Nocturne imprint. Immortal Obsession is set in London, where the underground of immortals refuse to stay underground, and a feisty American woman must lure them into the open. It’s a product of this office space, and the Muse who lives here among the papers and the organized chaos of my writer life. I hope you’ll check it out. And in November, from Harlequin’s Desire line, I have The Boss’s Mistletoe Maneuvers (say that fast three times), where Christmas is as magical as the life I, myself, lead.

Do you struggle with writing anywhere but your own special office?  Where's your preferred place to write?  We want to hear your opinions!

If you wish to read more about Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, Immortal Obsession and The Boss's Mistletoe Maneuvers, check out her website and follow her on Facebook.


  1. LOL. That "what could be" is a scary one. I'm a--sigh--slob, and that even horrifies me!

  2. Waving to LIZ! hello and thanks for stopping in!