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Male On Monday - Joe Manganiello

This Monday at The Pink Heart Society, Harlequin Blaze author Juliet Burns talks to us about her latest hero inspiration, the very delicious, Joe Manganiello.

SPOILER ALERT! Do NOT read the next couple of paragraphs if you haven’t caught up with this season of TRUE BLOOD! (Just look at the pretty pictures and start reading beside the second one)

Okay, you were warned. 

I need to rant and cry about Joe-er, I mean Alcide. Then I realized some people might not have watched this season of True Blood, yet. Now I’m going to cry. And rant. Alcide, oh Alcide! Say it ain’t so! I’ve always been on Team Bill, because I believe there’s nothing like first love=true love in a Romance, but, still… *sniff sniff* That doesn't mean you had to die!

Why did you have to die? As Sookie said, you were so big and strong. And SO sweet! You deserved a happy ending!

Okay, yes, you’re right. He’s not a real person. And at least we still have the beautiful Joe Manganiello to soothe our mourning souls...

Joseph Michael Manganiello was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on December 28, 1976. His father's family is of Italian descent, while his mother's is Armenian, Croation and German. Growing up, he was the captain of his football, basketball and volleyball teams and went on to play at varsity level in all three sports. He won the role of Jud Fry is his senior year's production of Oklahoma! and was involved in the school's TV studio, where he borrowed equipment to make films with his friends and became interested in becoming a better film-maker.

After a series of sports injuries, Joe auditioned for the Carnegie Mellon School of drama. Though unsuccessful at the first attempt, he didn't give up and was admitted with sixteen other students a year later. While there, he participated in numerous theatre productions and traveled to New York and Los Angeles, where he made several contacts in the entertainment business. After graduation, he re-located to Los Angeles, signed with a talent agent and landed his first major on-screen role in the Sam Rami directed Spiderman. (Biography Source: Wikipedia)

So, do you consider yourself a Joe fan? How many of these questions can you answer without running to Google? 

1.   In which sitcom did Joe play a guy named Brad Morris? (Hint: It had its series finale this year) 

2.  Which comical “baby” movie was Joe in just before Magic Mike? 

3. What is the title of the documentary Joe directed about male strippers? 

4.   In which TV series did Joe have a part with the equally sexy Josh Duhamel? (who was also an inspiration for a hero in one of my books) 

5.   Other than True Blood, in what TV series did Joe have a large role? (Hint: he played a pro Slamball player) 

6.   Joe is also an author. Last December, he released a fitness book. What was the title? 

And I hear Joe’s making a Magic Mike 2, ladies. Yay! Don't you love him even more for that?!

He is, after all, the reason for this blog. He’s my inspiration-in every sense of the word- for my latest Blaze hero, Joe Tedesco. MY Joe is a New York firefighter and the winner of a Sexiest Average Joe contest run by fashion blogger Carly in my September Wrong Bed Blaze Cabin Fever

So, to celebrate my new release and in honor of the very sexy Joe Manganiello, I’m giving away three copies of my book to the Pink Heart Society readers who provide the answer to this question:

To support himself before he got his first part in Spiderman, Joe worked as a bodyguard and a bouncer. What occupation would you like to see him play if you could write a movie for him?

Let the fever burn… 

Fashion blogger Carly Pendleton figured the "Sexiest Average Joe" cruise winner would be, well, sexy. But up close, fireman Joe Tedesco is insanely good-looking. Still, with exactly one chance to prove herself to the cutthroat fashion industry, not even the hottest hot dude will make this frosty fashionista break a sweat…. 

Until she wakes in the middle of the night to discover Joe in her bed. 

They have nothing in common…except for a combustible chemistry that quickly turns delectable kisses into even more wicked nights. And when the cruise ends, so does the fling. But a fireman never runs from the heat—even if it means getting burned. 

To find out more about Juliet Burns and her books, you can visit her website, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter

If you're not one of our three lucky winners, you can buy a copy of the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any of the usual outlets.

You can follow the gorgeous Joe Manganiello on Facebook and Twitter
A very worthy Male On Monday, we think you'll agree!

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