Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Happy Birthday Little Pink Heart Dancing Guy!

It's the Little Pink Dancing Guy's birthday today! 

To celebrate eight years in the Blogaverse, we're revealing our new look and giving you a preview of what's coming next.

The book world has changed lots since The Pink Heart Society opened its doors back in 2006. Readers are buying books in different places, authors are faced with more choices when it comes to where and how they publish their work and we felt it was time the PHS reflected that. We'll still proudly continue to wave the flag for category romance-it's at the heart of everything we do!-but as our alum spread their wings, we'll be following them on their adventures and cheering their success. That way, we'll always know where we can find those little books with lots of heart!

So, apart from our look, what else is new?

Daily Themes:

Male On Monday - It's been our most popular day since the PHS started so, don't worry, authors will still bring us eye candy hero inspiration to start the week. Think there's someone we've missed or should revisit, let us know in the comments or by email. Monday is all about sharing.

Tuesday Talk-Time - Discussions about the state of the industry and how it effects readers, the relevance of romance to modern day women, diversity in category romance-this will be the day for exercising the little grey cells. Got a topic you'd like us to cover or something you'd like to contribute, again let us know in the comments or by email.

Writers Wednesday - Another popular day at the PHS and one we plan to continue with writing tips, career info and advice for the care & well-being of an author. This where we pay it forward!

Time-Out Thursday - Ever wondered what writers do when they take time out from the keyboard? This is where authors share some of their passions, show us their creative endeavors in other areas and give us a little glimpse of their lives. It's the PHS version of looking through the keyhole.

Friday Fun - Here, we'll talk about TV shows/Films to watch, what we're reading and the heroes we wish existed in real life. There may be some tongue-in-cheek debate, discussions of problems only an avid romance reader will understand and possibly even relationship advice men could pick up from the books they avoid. It'll be a pretty mixed bag, but if we give you something to watch/read at the weekend or leave you with a smile on your face, we'll be happy Pink Hearters.

A Little Something For The Weekend - Writer's work-spaces, call stories, how an author found inspiration or details of what they're working on now. This is where you'll find our bonus content. And this could be your chance to join usIf you're an author who would like to visit us, or a reader with something to say, we want to hear from you. We're also actively seeking a writer who will be working on a category length romance during NaNoWriMo in November to update us on their progress. And on the last Sunday of each month, you'll get a preview of what's coming next.

New Columnists:

We're thrilled to have several new columnists joining us this year. 

Ali Williams
For the first time in PHS history, two of them, Ali Williams (who is also taking on an editorial role for us) and Desere Steenberg, are romance superfans. These girls go through books the way authors go through coffee close to a deadline. 

Both are regular reviewers, huge supporters of the genre and active online within the romance reading/writing community. We're genuinely looking forward to reading their columns and getting to know them better.
Desere Steenberg

And on that note, a few months from now, we will announce details of a competition to fill another superfan position at the PHS. So, if you think you might qualify, watch this space!

We've also added several more authors to our roster. Avril TremayneJennifer RayeJoss Wood and Stefanie London officially became part of the PHS family on our Facebook page last week and will be writing their first columns this month. And next month, we welcome the #3Amigas in the shape of Amber PageBella Frances and Nina Milne.

Add a plethora of guests, both old and new, to the mix and you might get an idea of how excited we are about the future! But on the topic of something 'old'...

Founders Day:

Yes, the founders of the PHS are coming BACK! Eight years after four newbie authors got together to set up The Pink Heart SocietyAlly BlakeNatasha OakleyNicola Marsh and Trish Wylie are returning to tell us how their lives have changed, what they're doing now and where they hope to go next. Has it been everything they expected starting out? What have they learned? Join us and see!

So, what do you think of our new make-over? Is there anything in our line up you're excited about or would like us to explore? Head to the comments and help us celebrate. We'll see you there!

We'd like to take this opportunity to raise a glass to all of The Pink Heart Society editors, columnists and guests who have supported us over the years.  We'd also like to thank YOU for continuing to visit us.


And here's to many more!


  1. Congratulations and Happy 8! Love the new look and looking forward to all the old and new contents. It's truly a pleasure to visit PHS and the darling Pink Guy daily! :)
    Happy Birthday, Congratulations again, and many, many more years to come!

  2. Happy Birthday and the makeover looks great!

  3. Happy birthday!!! The site looks amazing. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on 8 successful years! This is one of the few blogs I follow anymore--it's relevant, it's educational, and it's fun! Thank you. Love the new look, too!

  5. So glad you like the new look. There were a few bitten nails this morning before it went live. :)

  6. Congratulations on 8 years of fantastic posts. Really loving the new look!

  7. Happy Birthday Pink Hearts! Loving the new look - and looking forward to another year of great posts. And welcome back the the original Gang of Four - the Founders.

  8. Loving the new style of the site. Can't wait to see what's round the corner for the PHS.

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