Thursday, August 28, 2014

Male on Monday on Thursday: Clothes to make a hero

PHS editor and Historical Romance author Michelle Styles looks at clothes to make a hero via Bonobos.

Bonobos clothes
When my eldest son was in high school, he was part of the t-shirt and jeans brigade. However after he spent his second year of university in the US, he came back completely transformed about his fashion ideas and his look. Gone were the jeans and t-shirts, and in their place well-cut  shirts, various coloured chinos and jeans. He had worked out that in order to interest members of the opposite sex (the sort he is attracted to), he actually had to look good, not like he had crawled through several hedges backward and under several rocks. I believe it achieved what he wanted as he has not gone back to the t-shirt look…(and he does his own ironing, always a plus)
At Henley
To help him on this transformation, he found a number of places – J Crew, Brooks Brothers but his favourite by far was  The cut, the fit and the quality are excellent. The price was right as well.   
Unfortunately the shipping to the UK is prohibitive (they are working on it), so when anyone goes to the US, he gets them to bring back  clothes from Bonobos. 
 I believe he was wearing a pair of Bonobos chinos with his rowing club blazer when a photographer from the Sunday Times took his photo at Henley earlier this summer and used it illustrate their article. (My son is the one squinting and no, I don’t know why he buttons his blazer…)
Bonobos suit

Bonobos shirt

Recently Bonobos contacted PHS because they liked the blog. I suspect it has to do with the Male On Monday. They were having a giveaway and could we highlight? Unfortunately the timing was slightly off. The giveaway ended on Sunday. But their digital media manager sent some photos through of models wearing some of their latest offerings. They are rather good and I thought worth posting as they might prove inspiring...
It is important if you are writing contemporaries to get the look right. And I do think, Bonobos does get the look right.  It also provides good eye candy…

Michelle Styles writes warm witty and intimate historical romance for Harlequin Historical, Her most recent is Saved by the Viking Warrior which is out now. You can learn more about Michelle on

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