Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Better Late Than Never - a Peek at the Loveletter Reader Convention

You know you're at a romance event when there are red heart balloons, right? These decorations came from the Loveletter Convention held in Berlin at the end of May. This is my first Pink Heart Society slot since the convention and I just had to share. I might add that this is a very rare photo. With 700 attendees, it wasn't often I saw any part of the conference site without people.
You know you're in Germany when you see warm, fresh-baked bread pretzels beside the coffee before the day begins. Delightfully (and with a good dollop of luck that the weather remained fine and warm) it was served outdoors, which was an added treat. I loved the long tables where you could park yourself and your swag (lots and lots of wonderful giveaways in the Convention bags, including but not limited to books) and have a coffee or lunch or just a rest in the sun or under one of the big umbrellas. One of the best parts of the event was the chance to chat with whomever happened to be sitting nearby as we were all ardent romance fans. What's better than sharing that love of romance? I got to meet readers from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and  Spain and gather there were others from further afield too.
Here's a shot of part of the outdoor area. Doesn't that look inviting?
As for the Convention itself, it was a marvellous event for readers and those of us who are both readers and writers. I attended panel sessions which were lots of fun as we got to hear a range of perspective from a group of authors, as well as input from the audience. There were also sessions where people read snippets from their stories. I LOVE hearing other people's stories, and came home with a list of books I want to read. There were workshops too, on a range of topics. I gave a workshop with fellow Aussie author Kelly Hunter (the pic below is of us together at the booksigning).
There were lots of opportunities to mingle with other writers and best of all, with readers. I don't think I've been made to feel more welcome anywhere. Then too, was the chance to catch up with staff from my German publisher, Cora at a fantastic dinner, to meet bloggers who worked so busily before, during and after the conference, and even a reader who'd won a national contest to attend and turned up with a bundle of my books for me to sign!
The booksigning on the last afternoon was an amazing event. Here's part of the queue to get in just before it started. The noise of the crowd as you approached was surprisingly loud and the smiles and goodwill despite the heat were lovely.
One of the bonuses of the Convention was the location - Berlin has so much to offer. Sadly I didn't fit in enough time there for a lot of sightseeing - something I intend to remedy. I had a fantastic time at the Loveletter Convention 2014 - so much so that I'm planning to go back.
If you could choose a location for a conference, where would be be? City or country? Local or far away?
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  1. Annie, so envious of your trip. It sounds like it was fantastic - love the shot of the pretzels! I remember travelling in Germany when I was much younger and I always knew I was in Germany when the youth hostels put big jugs of cold herbal tea (usually rosehip, I think) on the tables with the meals. Sadly, I'm not a herbal tea fan, but I appreciated how exotic it felt to me on my first trip overseas! I hope you get there again - I hope I get there one day!

    And congratulations on your top pick from RT for DAMASO CLAIMS HIS HEIR. I've read that story and it's a humdinger!

  2. Anna, snap! My first ever rosehip tea was in Germany but it was hot and snowing outside. Isn't it interesting, what we remember from long ago trips? Often it's the small things. I can recommend the LLConvention. I'm so looking forward to a return visit.

    Thanks for the kind words about DAMASO CLAIMS HIS HEIR. I was chuffed by the review and the Top Pick.