Saturday, June 14, 2014

Writer's Inspiration with Tara Taylor Quinn and a special FREE book offer

The Pink Heart Society is delighted to have Tara Taylor Quinn sharing details of her inspiration plus how to get one of her books FREE (this deal is only available for 24 hours 14 June 2014)
  First the Free book offer:
Buy The Friendship Pact.  (It retails for 3.99 but you can get it on Amazon for $3.06.)  Send proof of purchase to and your free epub copy of Wife By Design  ($4.99 value at Amazon for $3.82) will be emailed to you completely free.  Once A Family, out this month is book two in the series.

I spend most of my waking hours writing.  With five books out this year, I pretty much have to do so.  I don’t ask myself where the stories come from.  I don’t worry about them going away.  I don’t want to tempt fate.  The stories appear.  They push at me for release.  I sit down and let them out.  That’s the way it works for me.  I don’t plot.  I don’t plan ahead.  I generally see the problem first.  But sometimes the people are there before I know what’s bother them.  It’s like they come to me with a situation that has to be solved.  I tell their stories and as I do so, they figure out on their own how to deal with whatever is standing in the way of their happiness.
Sometimes I feel like a therapist.  I sit.  I nod.  I jot down.  Every once in a while I ask a pertinent question.  And the answers reveal themselves out of the psyche of my ‘clients.’  (Okay, so that’s simplistic and not meant to in any take away the very real effort, education, and value behind the important and difficult work that therapists do.  I’m writing one right now, though, and her work is anything but simplistic.)
Sometimes I feel like a parent.  I give up my life, my blood, my heart and soul to the story.  And then have to let it go.  Set it free.  And just hear about it or get a bit of water for my well from it every now and then.
It’s probably a combination of both.  A lot of me goes into my work.  If you talked to my mother she’d tell you that every single book I write has parts of my life in it.  I don’t see them there.  But she tells how she was reading a picnic scene and knew what was going to come out of the basket before it did.  She says that she has similar experiences every time she reads one of my books.  And she reads every single one of them.
I am aware of parts of my life inspired both of my new releases.  I took a several day wine tour in Napa Valley several years ago and the hero in Once a Family is a vintner.  That’s pretty simple to see.  What a lot of people don’t see or know is that I have had a period of separation from my precious daughter.  My only child.  And in this book the hero, who raises his sister, knows the emotional heartbreak of her rejection.  Life is real.  It hurts.  And there is happiness after the hurt.  That is and always has been my message.  It’s what I know and believe.
The inspiration behind The Friendship Pact is equally personal.  I didn’t have many friends growing up.  I was more of an introvert.  I read books.  And wrote stories.  And had one best friend.  She was the only person with whom I have felt completely at all times, true unconditional love.  When we were together the world was always magical.  When we weren’t it was more mundane.  She was god-mother to my daughter.  A year later, I stood and took vows as god-mother to hers.  She was killed in a car accident when she was thirty-nine.  Her daughter, my god-daughter was in the car with her and survived.  Just yesterday she, my god-daughter, gave birth to her first child.  A little girl, named after her mother.  While the circumstances and incidents that happen in The Friendship Pact are wholly fictional, the friendship depicted there, the bond, is my way of keeping my bond with my best friend alive.  I loved every single second of being in that book.
So what about everyone else?  Do you have that one special friend?

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